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Get better with therapy

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression or any other mental health issues, get better with our high quality therapy sessions with highly qualified therapists.

Start your wellness journey with a multidimensional approach

Whether your concerns are about motivation, emotion, platonic/romantic relationships, goal setting or self-improvement, we assure you that our sessions will prove to be a great help to you

Start working on your betterment with our expert-led coaching programs

1 on 1 sessions

Book an appointment with a therapist or a specialist doctor and get the best help possible for your emotional and mental health issues

Explore our specially designed packages from our pool of high quality packages

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Best Psychological Help Online

Let us help you get matched with the right therapist

Looking for the right therapist can be tough, but we're here to help make it easy for you. Just tell us a bit about yourself below, and within a day, we'll find the perfect therapist for you. Let's make your journey to feeling better as simple as possible!

Customized bundle of 5 specially designed sessions

Intensive therapy series

A one-month intensive course, with weekly therapy sessions - customized and structured as per your specific requirements.

Workshops and corporate sessions

Give us a chance to help you improve your employees' mental health. If you are a startup, business, school, NGO, or MNC; we can help you improve your employees' emotional and mental health conditions. We conduct workshops, group sessions, and seminars for corporates

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  • What happens in your first therapy session?
    In your first therapy session, you will typically meet with your therapist to discuss your reasons for seeking therapy and to begin to establish a rapport. Your therapist may also ask you questions about your personal and family history, current concerns and goals for therapy. Its important that the first session is the starting point, and your therapist will work with you to develop a personalised plan that meets your individual needs.
  • How to choose your therapist?
    When choosing a therapist, its important to consider their qualifications, experience and approach to therapy. Both counselling and clinical therapists can provide effective treatment, but clinical therapists typically has more advanced training and can diagnose and treat more severe mental health conditions. Consider your specific needs and preferences, and don't be hesitant to reach us for any doubts prior to booking your session.
  • How long does a session last?
    Our therapy/counselling sessions last for 45 to 60 mins.

What our clients


​The session was the best and I was comfortable in discussing everything. I advise you to talk to therapists at FlyingPepper for issues like anxiety and stress. Really helpful, highly recommend!

If you are facing any severe symptoms or thinking of hurting yourself ?

Disclaimer: FlyingPepper is not a crisis intervention helpline. If you are facing any severe symptoms or thinking of hurting yourself, please seek medical help immediately or you can call a suicide intervention 24×7 helpline such as Asra helpline: 91-22-27546669

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