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5 therapy sessions with Rakshita

Counselling Therapy Sessions

  • 3,200 Indian rupees
  • Video Conferencing Platforms


Hi, I am a counseling psychologist (BA, MSc. Psychology). I believe that every individual has different sets of ideas as to how they can take care of themselves or what makes them feel truly happy, and I try and inculcate those ideas from each client during the sessions because I really do believe that the whole point of counseling is to empower the individual to take control of their lives and direct them towards a happier and healthier journey. I mostly use a combination of client centered and solution focused approach, however, I also use a mixture of different methods according to the need and situation. My area of expertise ranges from your day to day issues, where you just need a patient listener who would let you vent out without judging or giving any unsolicited advice, or when you just need a new perspective to have a different viewpoint, working on self love, understanding mindfulness and making changes in your daily habits and patterns to other complex issues like anxiety, traumatic past experiences, decision-making, etc. I work with people between the age group of 19-40 years. Session duration = 45 minutes

Cancellation Policy

For 1 on 1 therapy sessions: To cancel, send us a mail at least 3 hrs prior to the session time. You can manage your bookings by login to the site too. No refund will be done for cancellations done from 3 hrs prior to the session time. For group Sessions: We have no cancellation policy as slots are limited and fixed.

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