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We strive to provide high-quality and professional consultation sessions. We always wish that you will be 100% satisfied with our services. However, in the rarest of rare case that you are dissatisfied with our services or wish to cancel an appointment, we will be glad to assist you in the process of cancellation and/or refunds. This page or document, as the case may be, sets out the “Cancellation and Refund Policy” (the “Policy”) that applies to you (the Client”) who books online consultation session at the website The conditions under which we may provide cancellation and/or refund are specified in this Policy. We have the right to make changes to this Policy at any time and at our sole discretion without any notification to you or without your prior permission for the same.

Respecting Time:

Your therapist is rendering professional service and deeply values their and your time. A therapist provides you with an exclusive time slot and reserves it for you when you book an appointment with them. It is an inconvenience to other clients who could have used that slot for consultation when you remain absent. It is also an inconvenience for us as we may lose some business when some prospective clients may not have got the time slot you booked and may have opted for some other platform providing services same as or similar to us.


Our sessions can be pre-booked in advance and can be rescheduled 1 hour prior to the session time. If you wish to reschedule the session within the 1 hour prior to the session time, the same will be considered a paid and non-refundable cancellation of the session and you will have to book a new and separate paid session once again.


Any cancellation done prior to 3 (three) hours before the scheduled session time will be refundable. For any cancellation done within 3 hours before the scheduled session, no refunds will be provided. No cancellations are allowed for group sessions. If you are absent, not present, or do not show up for the scheduled session time or mutually agreed time, the same shall be considered as paid and a non-refundable cancellation of the session.


If you are dissatisfied with the session, we may provide a resolution to you on a case-to-case basis and the resolution provided by us will be final and binding.

Cancellation or Re-Scheduling by Therapist:

The therapist holds the choice to change/cancel your appointment time and slot if they feel like and no complaints will be taken into consideration for the same. In case of the cancellation of the session by the therapist, refunds will be initiated by us if you request us to do the same in writing. If the therapist cancels a session due to inappropriate behaviour from your end which may include actions such as misbehaviour, use of foul language, offensive actions, disrespect, etc. then your payment for the said session shall be forfeited and no refund shall be provided for the same.


You can submit a request for a refund by emailing us at, contacting us through the website at, or through WhatsApp at 9678643608 with your name, and email. We try to respond to any request for a refund as soon as possible. Once we validate your claim for a refund, the refund will be initiated immediately and processed within 4 to 5 business days. We will refund the payment through the payment mode by which the payment was originally received. We shall not be responsible for any delays in the credit of refund as the same depends upon the mode of payment used for the initial payment and the payment mode issuer or concerned bank.


If you have any further questions about our Policy or would like more help, feel free to contact us at, contact us through the website at, or WhatsApp us at 9678643608.


In case of any disputes related to cancellation and refund, our decision in those regards shall be final and binding. By booking a consultation session on our website, you automatically provide your consent to this Policy and shall thereafter not raise any objection towards it. If you have any complaints about this Policy, you shall first contact us before booking a consultation session or shall avoid booking a consultation session on our website.

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