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Book therapy sessions online & overcome your issues like depression, anxiety, loneliness etc.

Online Counselling

Share your issues with our experts. Don't worry, nobody will judge you here. 

Psychiatric Help

Mental health is crucial. Don't let the social stigma refrain you from getting help. Talk to a psychiatrist from the comfort of your home.


A healthy life depends on both the physical and mental aspects. A fit body is the utmost essential of having a healthier life. Talk to a yoga expert, nutrition expert and bring your life back on track 

Areas We Can Help 'YOU' In

Anxiety, Depression

Anxiety is a sense of fear, tension and uneasiness. On continuation, it can lead to serious medical issues


Bullying appears in different forms. You can face bullying at schools, colleges, workplaces or even in your family. Many times we don't even realise that we are being bullied. It can lead to serious mental trauma & confidence related issues later in life.


As per reports, nearly 50% of married couples are in need of marriage counselling. Solve your marital issues with an expert counsellor. Remember, reaching out is the first step towards solving your problems.


A healthy relationship funtions on trust, compassion & connection at a mental/psychological level.. Unless your issues get solved in a right manner, these can lead to serious problems later on. 


A person having Obessive Compulsive Disorder shows symptoms like getting sensations of doing repetitive compulsive tasks like washing hands, cleaning the room, checking on gadgets. 

Stress Management

Stress is very common in modern life. Managing/overcoming your stress is highly important to function effectvely and in a healthy manner.

Workplace Issues

A toxic workplace can cause various serious mental health issues including stress, depression & anxiety. 

Trauma Counselling

Healing is possible. Therapy is proven very highly effective in the healing process.


The game is not of dedicated hours to work but of productivity. Overcome burnout and start becoming more productive at your work.

Social Anxiety

Social phobia can be your biggest hurdle towards a better career, life. Overcome your social phobia with an experienced counsellor.


Adolescent is the transition preiod from childhood to adulthood both from a mental and physical perspective. You are prone to make a lot of mistakes which can affect your life in a bad way later on.  Peoper guidance is highly necessary during this phase.  


Addiction is a serious issue. It can be of any forms. Addiction to anything effects your career, academics, relationships and every other aspects of life in a very negative way. overcoming is possible. Take steps to overcome your addiction problem.


Talk to a Counsellor online

You don't need to fight your battle alone. It's always better if you have someone to seek help from while having any issue. A fruitful conversation can solve a lot of problems. Book a session with any of the experts and start improving your life one session at a time.

Join As An Expert

The real use of expertise is when you help others overcome their issues. You don't need to be a certified expert for that. Sometimes just listening to someone's story can also act as a healing effect. Millions of youth are fighting depression, anxiety, loneliness, lack of guidance, and confidence-related issues. You can just be their 'someone to talk to' which can also be highly helpful for them.


How it works!

How It Works!


Select An Expert

Select your consultant. Write in brief about your issues using the 'Get in touch' button for a better understanding.


Book A Session

Book an audio/video consulting session with your consultant. Pay the session fee to the counselor and proceed for therapy.


Start Improving Your Life

Sharing is the first step towards getting better. Whether its related to mental health, education, career or life; share with your consultant without any fear of being judged.

When do you need help?



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Wrong Career Choices

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Lack Of Confidence

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Lack of Guidance

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Lack Of Motivation 

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Consult With Tanushri

Consult With Tanushri

Counselling Psychologist

Consult With Vibhuti

Consult With Vibhuti

Counselling Psychologist

Consult With Jagriti

Consult With Jagriti

Counselling Psychologist

Consult With Somya

Consult With Somya

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Our Approach!

Healthy Blog


Content is the king. High-quality domain-specific content can help you having knowledge, information, and a better worldview.

Online Class


There are times when we feel lost not knowing what to do. Consulting with an expert will give you better perspectives and help you overcome your issues.

Online Discussion


Community learning is the future. Discussing your issues with those who are also facing the same gives that courage, confidence, and support to overcome them.

What Our Clients Say!

The session was the best and I was comfortable in discussing everything. I advise you to talk to therapists at FlyingPepper for issues like anxiety and stress. Really helpful, highly recommend!


2020 was especially hard. I  didnt understand how to control invasive thoughts and living alone made it worse. Talking  to therapists at FlyingPepper made it easy for me to understand my depression and learn to control it, live with it in a peaceful, happy way.


It was really nice experience talking with the counsellors at FlyingPepper and reprogramming my thought process of looking at things without only weighing the positive and negative. I keep applying the practices learnt to lead a happy and balanced and happy life.


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