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Don't keep fighting your battle alone. A fruitful conversation can solve a lot of problems. Book a session with any of the experts and start improving your life one session at a time.

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How it works!

How It Works!


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Select your consultant. Not able to decide? No worries! Just share your concern. We will match you with the best Therapist/Psychiatrist for you. 


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Book an audio/video/text consulting session with your consultant. Pay the session fee to the therapist/psychiatrist and proceed with therapy.


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A safe and non-judgemental space for you to share your emotions, feelings and thoughts. 

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Wrong Career Choices

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Lack Of Confidence

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Lack of Guidance

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Lack Of Motivation 

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Consult With Aayushi

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Consult With Tanushri

Counselling Psychologist

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Consult With Naureen

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Interested in support groups?

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Support groups are designed to provide a platform where you can express yourself, get different perspectives, and most importantly meet people similar to you. Let's build better, stronger connections. Let's grow and heal together.

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What Our Clients Say!

The session was the best and I was comfortable in discussing everything. I advise you to talk to therapists at FlyingPepper for issues like anxiety and stress. Really helpful, highly recommend!


2020 was especially hard. I  didnt understand how to control invasive thoughts and living alone made it worse. Talking  to therapists at FlyingPepper made it easy for me to understand my depression and learn to control it, live with it in a peaceful, happy way.


It was really nice experience talking with the counsellors at FlyingPepper and reprogramming my thought process of looking at things without only weighing the positive and negative. I keep applying the practices learnt to lead a happy and balanced and happy life.


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