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Nurturing Healthy Minds: Unlocking Children's Mental Health Secrets!

Updated: May 26, 2023

Only plant the positive things in the children minds and give special care to their mental health…

Are you feeling worried about your child mental health? Are you taking care of your child mental health regularly? Why am I pointing these questions to parents?

Today children are easily influenced into bad habits, such as watching media, not respecting others, being addicted to video games, being adamant, being addicted to social media, and much more. And the sad part is parents have to face more challenges with their kids.

Because of this addiction, children mental health is affected at a young age, and kids feel anxiety and stress when their expectation does not turn into reality. On the other hand, the school creates more pressure and tension in the kids minds and pushes them hard to score good marks in all exams.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of children mental health, and some tips on how to take care of their mental health.

Unlocking Children's Mental Health Secrets!
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Importance of children mental health

Parents can identify their physical needs and wants. But what about their mental state of mind? It is not easy to notice their mental state in the initial days. So, follow some patience and trust your parenting process. Start spending time with your child alone, be open with your talk, understand their likes and dislikes, and try to understand their mindset, etc….

Parents need to understand their mental state of mind and motivate them with positive words. So, do not dare to degrade your kids. It loses their self-confidence, and they never try anything in their life. Besides, good friends and advice from young adults keep their mental health strong and flexible.

The balanced mental health of kids allows them to make the right decisions, have clarity in their thinking, develop their social skills, and show more interest in learning new lessons every day.

Signs of good mental health of your kids

  • Kids enjoy every moment by laughing, dancing, singing, finding new information, asking numerous questions, doing fun tasks, etc…

  • Kids have the nature of more patience and tolerance.

  • Kids are not being adamant. Instead, they are ready to accept the situation.

  • Kids like to interact with more people.

  • Your kids start supporting you emotionally during your difficult journey.

  • If your child spends time with himself alone, it is an indication of a positive state of mental health. Do not distract and spoil their time when they love to spend with them alone.

  • Kids have more self-confidence and are ready to face the situation.

How does playing with kids increase their mental health?

Playing with kids is one of the best remedies to relieve stress and anxiety. Enjoying with your kid through dancing, singing, acting, and making fun of each other help to stay in the present moment. When your mind is in the present moment, you will not look at your past and future. Once, your kids enjoy the present moment, they forget their work and come out from fear, and mood swings soon.

When you are happy, your body releases endorphins that give a good feeling of enjoyment, and playing with your kids helps to avoid the addiction to bad habits and keep away from negative things.

Playing with your kids increases the positive relationship with each other.

Children are open with their emotions when you play with them. During playtime, give some time to express your child feel of fear, sadness, or loss of something in their life. Sometimes, they recreate the events that affect their lives through play. Example: Your child showcases their life-affected incident with the help of their doll.

Parents can conduct some puzzles, and memory games to increase the memory power of the kids, and memory games increase confidence and creativity levels. Once the time flies, your kids solve their problems and make creative decisions. At last, when you end the game, share some life lessons with your kid. The greatest asset is teaching life lessons in every step of your kids life.

Tips for parents to take care of their kids mental health

  • Give priority to your kids over other work.

  • Allow your kids to talk and listen to their feelings.

  • Leave them alone if they like to share their space with themselves.

  • Teach all positive life lessons at a young age.

  • Understand your kids behavior and move forward according to them.

  • If you advise your kids to change their behavior or act, do not say it in words, just prove it with your action and make changes in your life.

  • Show your love and affection through cuddling, gentle kisses, and giving hugs.

  • Be patient and show more love even if your kid is rude.

  • Understand your kids by spending time with them.

  • Arrange some skits and drama to test your kids mindset.

How school provides excellent mental health for children

Schools are the best place to teach mental awareness to parents and children and conduct mental health camps to raise awareness for children and parents.

Kids will not express everything through their emotions. They will not open up to the parents and teachers until they feel comfortable.

Today parents do not have mental health awareness. so, it is the responsibility of a teacher to talk about mental health to parents and children.

Schools are taking special care of students by conducting physical activities such as indoor and outdoor sports. This helps to keep their body fit and arranging meditation for students helps to improve their mental health. Some schools are giving more importance to mental health activities such as drawing, painting, and poster creation. This helps the students to come forward and share their emotions. It is a good initiative taken by schools in India.

Closing Thoughts

Parenting is an art. Do not bring your child just for the sake of responsibility. It directly affects your kids live in the future. The beginning of 0 to 9 years are much essential in every kid life. Because, their subconscious mind will open at this stage. Whatever, you are feeding them is their future result. So, plant only good seeds and share the right life knowledge with your kids.

What are your views of this article? Let us know in the below section of our blog.

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