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Rishikesh as a workation over any other mountain destination for working remotely in India.

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Remote working is in trend at present amongst the Indian millennials. This ongoing pandemic has changed the mode of working for all of us. Millennials are opting for working remotely from many exotic locations including some very famous hill stations of the country. A serene environment is a great help in concentrating on your work. The picturesque landscape outside the window is a bonus. Besides the picturesque landscapes and serenity, there is something that cannot be found in any other place except Rishikesh. Choose Rishikesh as your workation this time and see the difference.

Rishikesh holds a divine, serene and pure vibe which can hardly be found in any other city of the country. This city at the side of the mighty Ganga river is known for its spiritual and religious heritages. You can feel the serene and divine vibe while walking on the streets near the Ram Jhula and the Laxman Jhula area. Nothing can be a perfect condition for working than such a pure environment.

Rishikesh Workation
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Why is Rishikesh the best destination for workation in India?

Lush green mountains with the mighty Ganga river:

The first thing that comes to one's mind while choosing a workation is natural beauty. Rishikesh is blessed with lush green mountains all around it with the mighty Ganga river flowing through the city. You will feel the freshness and get rejuvenated while looking outside the window after some serious work hours. Most of the hostels of Rishikesh are now being filled up by the startup guys who work all day staying at their dorm. This city has now become the newest favorite of the startup people for workations.

Pure, divine, and serene vibes:

Divinity and purity are the main ingredients of the vibes of Rishikesh. The city is also famous for different Ashrams and spiritual activities. Your mind will be focused on your goals and you will get better productivity while working on your projects staying in this city. No metro city can provide such a calm, divine atmosphere to the startup founders. That is a big reason why the majority of newly founded startup founders are choosing the mountain cities over the metros. This city is different. You will feel a homely environment in all parts of the city. What else is needed to get better productivity!

The Cafes:

Don't think this city will provide you an old town vibe at all parts of it. It will definitely at some parts but some parts of it are very much aligned with the pop-culture traditions. There are plenty of cafes that provide both Indian and European foods along with a mighty view of the Ganga river with the lush green picturesque mountains from the terrace. Working all day staying inside a hostel common area may be boring sometimes, these cafes then turn out as the rescuers. Order your favorite dish and keep working on your projects watching the gorgeous view around. I guess no other city can offer you that. Work all day in your hostel and come out in the evening to any of the cafes. This will increase your productivity too.


Workation is a new viral concept amongst millennials. Working from the mountains is becoming famous as a large number of millennials are opting for such kind of workstations to increase their productivity. Rishikesh is a great choice for the startup founders to spend as workation destination. Instead of going to the hill stations, you can consider Rishikesh also as your workation destination this time.

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12 déc. 2020

Jana to hai... Par workation k liye nhi.. man ki sukoon k liye.. is boring work se ak vacation chahiye bas

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