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Things to be kept in mind while choosing a place for your next workation~ FlyingPepper

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

This ongoing pandemic has changed the way we millennials think, our perspectives and even our way of working. With most of the MNCs going into complete remote mode, millennials are now opting for different creative ways of working remotely like working from hill stations like Manali or Mussoorie. Quite interesting, right?

Being inside a room for hours, sitting in front of the monitor is quite frustrating sometimes. Work from home is not at all fun as it sounds. With the commencing of unlocking, millennials are now opting for going to many exotic, serene locations of the country to work remotely. Some of them are working on their regular office tasks and some are working hard on their startup ideas.

But, what to look for while choosing a place for workation? Is it just about finding an exotic, serene location or are there other points that must be kept in mind while choosing a place for workation?

This concept of workation is very new for the indian millennials. It seems most of the millennials are choosing workation just by considering the picturesque locations around overlooking the other important factors.

Beside exotic, picturesque landscapes, there are other factors also that must be kept in mind while choosing a place for workation.


Connectivity is not about roads and other physical means of connection to the world. Virtual connectivity is the utmost necessity for any workation. You must first ensure the availability of internet, wifi services and the required speed as per your needs. If the place does not satisfy all these needs, it will be just a vacation, not a workation.


Availability of the basic requirements is very crucial for any place to opt for a workation. You cannot survive just by looking at the beautiful landscapes and enjoying the vibes. Do a proper research about the nearby markets, availability of the basic facilities and the affordability. Unless you are staying at a hotel, you need to manage everything on your own. So, it becomes very crucial to know priorly about the availability of your requirements.


Safety is a very important factor that mostly gets ignored while travelling solo. Not all places are safe, not all humans are good. There are always two sides of everything. Do a proper research about the place, about the locals and a little bit about the history of the place. Safety is a very crucial concept. You will be on your own. Having a basic idea about the place will be a great help in being safe from any kind of scams or other negative experiences.


Work is essential for survival. It is definitely a way better decision to work remotely from a hill station than being stuck inside a city building. Though the concept of workation is a very new thing for the millennials of the country, this workation concept is gaining popularity in a very rapid way in the recent months. Work while on vacation being at a hill station or any exotic picturesque location is indeed a great way of getting high productivity which the millennials are seeking for at present.

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