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Why Being Happy Can Let Us Live Longer? Principles of Happiness:

We often struggle to find "that" happiness that gives immense pleasure to other people. But it's not necessary that what other people like would also make you happy. Comfort and happiness vary from person to person. Everyone has different thinking and so are their choices of being happy.

Another important thing to remember is, not every person remains happy all the time. Happiness is a phase that keeps coming and going. But to keep happiness surrounded by yourself every day, you should know how to get that. Happiness is a skill and one should learn what is their area of interest and what brings a smile on your face.

Some people find happiness in jobs, planning their careers, and achieving goals. While others may find happiness in some smaller things too. All that I can say is, allow yourself to find happiness in every thing. Explore wider and learn your definition of happiness.

Let's go through some principles of happiness and how they can help you:

1. Care for your body and soul:

The more goodness you provide to your soul, the more it gets healthier. Outer beauty and physical happiness are secondary things. Primarily the focus should be on your soul. Self satisfaction is a door to finding ultimate happiness. Do good for others and the good will come back to you. Don't put limitations and set boundaries for yourself. Go with the flow and allow your body to find inner peace.

Another way to show care towards your soul is by self acceptance. Self doubt can kill you from within and lead to something bigger. Unless you keep believing in yourself you will not able to find happiness. Start believing in yourself first and see how much difference it makes. These changes play an important role and can lead you to connect with the world.

2. Invest time in your values:

Mostly we search for happiness in bigger things. But is it practically possible to get happy only by receiving something big?

Money, job, and success do not necessarily give happiness to everyone every time. Even the simplest things can load you with happy moments. Worshiping your values will surely help you in seeking happiness. You value certain things because you enjoy doing them. And the easiest way to pour extra happiness into your life is by going with your values. If you find joy in creativity, make it your job. If you like to learn some things, invest time in it and become a master in that field. Your happiness is connected with your values. So stay connected with your values in some way.

3. Stay wide awake for small moments:

Our aim and goals are big enough but what our souls need are satisfaction and peace. Don't let your happiness be attached to just big things. There are thousand small things happening around you and you fail to enjoy them just because you are looking for "bigger moments". A good dose of sunshine, small parties with friends, a long walk with close people, reading a book, and a lot more are some things which should not be ignored at all. All these things don't seem to be big things but once you start noticing such smaller things, you will get multiple chances of being happy every day. Bigger joys and success may bring you immense fun and satisfaction but getting a small dose of happy instances every day will keep you happy for a longer period of time.

4. Lift your tolerance level:

Having a low tolerance level is very common in many people. A lot of people face this issue which makes things worst at times. Low tolerance can turn a happy conversation into a battle in no time. Even a small disagreement or variation in choices can lead to anger and destroy the existing atmosphere. If you try to increase your tolerance level, you will be able to increase happiness in your day to day life. Short temperament and anger issues can make a disaster of an ongoing happy moment. Getting easily irritated and affected are some things that keep you away from being happy many times.

What you can do to increase your frustration level is- to raise your bars, keep yourself calm and look out to the positive side. The moment you start focusing on the positive side of the conversation, you will automatically stop losing cool every now and then. The more you will start finding humor in things, the easier it will become to get less angry and annoyed.

5. Focus on your life and fulfillment:

If you give importance to your choices and your preferences, that means you are living the life that you want. From the very beginning, we have to listen to things from our parents, friends, or teachers. Somehow we are clueless about our decision and we have to go with the suggestion given by others. These suggestions come out to be very effective for some. But for others, it turns out to be a big flop. What others have told us may not necessarily give fulfillment to you. There will come a moment when you will realize that you have made the wrong choice. The moment you get this realization, you should start living your own life by your own choices.

It's never late to start with a new journey. Take a chance and head to your dream work and preference. When you do meaningful things that you have chosen for yourself, that will give you satisfaction. Remember your choices have a key to your happiness.

6. Built the habit of forgiveness:

Like we make mistakes, others make mistakes too. Don't make yourself so harsh that you could not forgive others. Many a time we hold ourselves back and keep minding every little thing. But this is not necessarily needed every time. Instead, allow others to make mistakes sometimes and try to forgive them. If you failed to build this habit in yourself, you will end up losing many people in your life. You deserve peace, so you need to show forgiveness to your friends and family. Focus on the good things they have done for you and neglect the bad things. You should think about things deeply and try to solve them by your end. Be easy on people and learn forgiveness to add some extra happiness to your life.

Everyone finds happiness in their own way. Implement these principles and give yourself a chance of being happy for some more times.

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