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When Is it Time to Ask for Help?

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

There are millions of people going through the hard phase of their life and feeling depressed. Living with depression becomes a part of life for many of them. But sometimes managing all this trauma alone is not possible. Knowing the right time and right way to open up and share your problems with someone is very important.

When is it time to ask for help
When is it time to ask for help

Why is it important to speak out?

Dealing with depression and handling all the burdens is not an easy task. The person going through depression is already facing a thousand problems and with time if things don't go well, it can be dangerous. Tackling the difficulty alone may lead to the worst condition which can also take the life of a person.

To end all such problems speaking up to someone can be a good relief. Finding the right person and sharing what you are going through is something that can decrease at least some of your burden. Battling a major problem like depression without discussing it with anyone may feel very heavy. At such time, seeking help and discussing things could lead you to a better path.

When is it the right time to ask for help?

Asking for help in such a tough situation can feel quite awkward. You may feel like what to share and what not? Asking for help is the right decision or not? Can the other person understand my situation?

Can I speak up or keep my things to myself?

These are some common questions that pop in your head while reaching out to someone. Whether to seek help or not can be a bit confusing.

Here are some things which you can note and consider for reaching out for help:

* If you are doing wrong for your health:

The most important sign when it's time to ask for help is if you do something wrong to your health. Heavy drinking, drugs, thoughts of killing yourself are some signs which can be seen if the person is depressed for a very long time. These acts are very dangerous if followed regularly. Quick help should be searched if the situation goes like this.

* If it is affecting your everyday life:

If you feel that depression and anxiety are making your everyday living really hard, then looking for help is a must. If you see changes in your day to day life, and it's difficult to handle daily activities and stuff, not speaking up on it can be a bad choice.

* If you see changes in your mental health:

If regular sadness and anxiety are becoming your daily routine, it surely will impact your mental health. Mental health is as important as your physical health. If your mind is not in a good state and makes you weaker you need to speak to someone about it.

Whom can you reach out for help?

There are times when we realize that we want the help, but we don't know exactly who can help us with it.

Depression is a problem in which there are phases. At some time you may feel more anxiety and sudden changes in behavior. At another time you may feel better. But if the depression phase keeps on coming again and again you should look for an expert for consultation. Signs of depression vary from person to person, so there can not be the same solution for everyone.

We often think that having a conversation on such a personal topic may affect us negatively. But don't be scared to seek help if you need it. The right person will always give a hundred percent to take you out of depression.

As this is not a comfortable topic, discussing it with anyone is avoided. Going to the person you trust and who can help you is the right choice. The person can be your family member, your brother, sister, or friend. If you find it comfortable to discuss with your friends then go for it. Take their suggestions, let them know your problems.

If doing this still does not give you a breath of calm, reaching the professional counselor will be the best option. There are many counselors who will help you get out from this discomfort. Sharing your issues and mental health with an unknown person can feel a little discomforting but once you get connected with your counselor they will give you perfect solutions to your problems.

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Aug 08, 2023

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