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Visualization Techniques: How To Visualize For Your Dream Life

Visualization is day-dreaming with a purpose. - Bo Bennett

“Wish I had more money”. “Wish I had that car”....most people keep thinking about a better life and call it a wish. But only a few know that a focused wish can turn into a reality using visualization techniques. The art of visualization is not just a fancy term, it actually takes you closer to your dream life (if you do it right). People are now familiar with the power of visualization but how to do it right is still ambiguous for many.

Image Credit: Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash

The concept is simple...have a goal, visualize as if you have already achieved it, feed your mind with positivity and work hard to achieve that goal. It can’t get easier than this. Law of attraction, positive thinking or manifestation techniques work only if you begin to work hard for the things that you desire to have.

But can you explain a bit more what exactly is visualization?

Visualization is nothing but the process of living the life that you desire to be yours in the future. Imagine, your goal is to attain financial freedom. Physical hard work is indeed required to achieve the goal but psychologically how determined you are also matters...matters a lot.

Visualize how it feels to be financially free? How easy life has become? Does it make you happy? Does it make your family happy? How do they feel about it? Visualize everything mindfully. Most people fail because they lose the battle in their minds without even starting the work. Remember, your mind is the most powerful thing. What you think, you become. Thus; make it a habit to see the positives even in the most negative situation.

Visualization techniques: Do they really help?

1. Make the most of a vision board

The more you have a sight of your goal, the longer will it be on your mind. Making a vision board that has everything which you want to achieve is one of the most effective visualization techniques. Either write or put the visuals of your goals on the vision board and keep it at a place where you will easily be able to see them regularly.

2. Mastery of meditation

A calm mind can visualize much better. Not just this, you can achieve anything if you have control over your mind. Meditation makes your mind wander less, which makes you more focused in life.

3. No more desires, only beliefs

When you say, wish I had that - that’s a desire but when you say, I have it - that’s the belief. Belief over desire is the right way to visualize. Begin your day with morning affirmations and do it in the present tense. Don’t say I will become successful, rather affirm I am successful. Feed your mind with the possibility and see things happening like magic.

4. Power of positivity

Being positive is yet another effective visualization technique. You can try to visualize your dream life but if your mind is filled with negative thoughts, you won’t be able to believe the life that you are trying to visualize can be yours (no matter how hard it wants to).

5. Mindful manifestation

A lot of people don’t even know what they want, thus; they don't get it. Visualization techniques can only help you if you have clarity about your goals. Practising mindful manifestation helps you get the things that you dream of. Right before going to sleep, visualize as if what you want is already yours because your subconscious mind is the most powerful during this time.

How to perform visualization techniques effectively?

When you do things effectively, then only you can achieve the desired results. Knowing about something is one thing but doing it adequately is what makes all the difference. The same thing applies to visualization techniques. Let’s jump onto the effective ways to visualize.

  1. Focus on what’s missing and what do you exactly want in life right now. Clarity is essential.

  2. Sit in a quiet place. Perform deep breathing to calm your mind.

  3. Close your eyes and keep your spine straight.

  4. Ask questions. A lot of questions. Do you want to achieve it? Why do you want to achieve it? Why exactly this? Remember, emotion means energy and motion. The more you wander, the deeper truths you get to know.

  5. Ensure that your senses are aligned. You must see, touch, smell your goal while visualization.

  6. And lastly, be faithful (always).

We hope the article gives you clarity on the art of visualization. Try the right way of visualization and come back to let us know if it worked. (we'll be waiting)


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