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Psychologists Near Me: Best Online Therapists Near Me

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Have you ever searched “best psychologists near me” on google? If yes, congratulations! You are amongst the very few people who have the courage to seek help. Online Psychologist Therapy is for everyone. Likewise physical health; mental health is also highly important. But many of us are not comfortable in seeing a therapist while facing any issues related to our mental health. This needs to change. You cannot live a healthy life compromising your emotions, happiness, and mental wellness.

As we are entering deep into the 21st century, our lifestyle, thought processes, and needs are changing at a very high speed. From a materialistic perspective, we are growing at a high rate. But, is there anything that is missing amidst all these materialistic successes? Sadly the answer is ‘Yes’. Technological advancements have made our life easier. But with the up-gradation of lifestyles, one thing is becoming weaker day by day, that is the emotional bonds between us. This is also a major reason for the high increase in mental health issues amongst the new-age people.

Psychologists near me
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Mental health is an ignored topic in an Indian household. I am quite sure that most of you have never seen a therapist’s clinic near your place. It's rare. We go to see a doctor on issues like fever, headache, etc but we never feel the need to see a therapist on feeling not well mentally. However, accessibility is not an issue here. The real issue is a lack of awareness. You just have to search ‘psychotherapist near me’ on google and you will be shown multiple results.

Best Psychologist near me:

I was looking for therapists on google a few days back. I used the keyword ‘best psychologist near me’ to get better results and as a surprise, I was shown at least 10+ websites claiming to be the best in Psychotherapist Online Consultation . For a sec, you may think that this is just a clever tactic to rank higher on google. You may be right. But if we look at the bigger picture, this is very much impressive. A country so deep routed with traditions and conservatism has now started talking about mental health. This is definitely a very impressive thing.

Counseling for Depression:

Depression is becoming a very common thing amongst youngsters now. You ask any Genz kid, at some point, he/she will talk about depression. Why this generation is becoming depressed? There may be countless reasons. This does not mean that all the older generations never faced mental health issues. They have, but they were not aware of it in most cases. Mental health awareness was limited. It's very easy to find a doctor’s clinic near your place but it's almost impossible to find a therapist’s clinic or a mental health center or a psychotherapist near your place. Things are changing now with the introduction of online platforms into the mental health sector.

The GenZ story:

It is said that with every generation; thought processes, working styles,s and life approaches change a lot. This generation does not want to work for the sake of money only. They will work for satisfaction, happiness, and fulfillment; not just money. The best thing about Genz is that they don’t believe in stigma, taboo, or social narratives. The majority of the clients we get at Flyingpepper are genZ people. This generation is different. They approach for help whenever in need. Nobody will be able to help you unless you approach for help.

Online therapy and counseling websites:

There is still some uneasiness in talking about mental health in Indian society. It's not that easy to visit a clinical psychologist near you in person. The fear of social judgment is a real issue. It will take some time as a society to be normal with mental health likewise physical health. Online therapy and counselling platforms appear as a solution here. It erases the fear of social judgment and gives a platform to express yourself and get guided at the comfort of your home. You just have to search ‘Online Therapist Consultation in India’, ‘best psychologists near me’, ‘psychotherapists near me’ or; ‘psychologists near me’ on google. You will be shown multiple results and based on your requirements, you can book a session with a therapist or counselor.

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