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Why do we need more support for online free counselling?

Seeking help won't make you weak. Mental health is crucial. Issues related to your mental health should not be neglected at all. It's high time now to give more emphasis on online counselling for mental health related issues. We have to normalise it anyway.

Online free counselling
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What if I tell you that most of us have encountered such issues at least once in our lives, maybe not knowingly but unknowingly. If not in our own lives, but definitely we know someone who faced such an issue. It's not abnormal. But the social mindset is developed in such a way that the collective mindset always perceives mental health related issues in a different way. This is a big reason why people fear to talk about their issues with another person.

Why is online counselling for depression becoming crucial now?

Depression and anxiety related issues are becoming very common. The shifting of the mindset from the survival mode to the achiever mode can be a big reason behind this. Not sure; but the issue is very serious. The question arises, how to solve it? The Internet can be a good answer here. How about online counselling for mental health? Sounds cool. Actually there are some platforms over the Internet delivering such services. Some are connecting psychologists with the needy ones, some are using AI to solve the issue and some are focussing on solving by community building. All are effective, but when it comes to a support system kind of environment, many lack.

Be strong. You are prone to challenges in your 20s:

Life is tough. There will be challenges of different kinds. As we grow older, we start getting introduced to different challenges whether it's from the academic side, career or from others. The 20s of one’s life are very crucial. Till our teenage years, we stay inside a bubble. Schools, Colleges and homes all act as a bubble. We start facing the real world only after we pass out from our colleges. And the real world is very cruel. Survival is tough. The bubble burst after college and you don't have any system defending you. You are on your own.

You start exploring yourselves, your qualities, strengths and your limits. You face challenges. You face failures, steadiness and unhappiness. You fight everything on your own. You start understanding the difference between being lonely and staying alone. You start questioning yourself for your failure.

In a nutshell you get a taste of the real world. Everyone goes through this phase. Two things can happen here. Either you turn into a titan or remain as a depressed soul. There is no point of being the second one. Build a fighting attitude, a warrior mentality and face all the challenges head on. Attitude is everything. A right attitude is everything to achieve all our dreams.

We are not mature:

Our prefrontal cortex starts developing from 25 years of age. In a real sense, we become mature after 25. Though our voting age is 18, we are not at all mature in our 18s. We are highly prone to commit mistakes related to life, academics or others. We don't have much understanding of many things going around us. In teenage years, our energy level is also high and it seems we can do anything we want. In our early 20s we start facing some real challenges; challenges related to career, relationships etc. You see failure and you can't believe that. You start facing anxiety related issues and you don't know how to handle it.

It's quite common to fall into depression and have anxiety attacks. Stress and anxiety are very common amongst the modern millennials. In our late 20s, we start seeing the world in a very different way, more correctly in a mature way. We start moving away from materialistic goals and try to find out the real meaning of life, the real sense of happiness and the real purpose of our existence. We start getting inclined towards spiritual goals. In a certain way we become mature.

Online free counselling; need of the hour:

The Internet is the biggest revolution so far. But still we are not at the stage of leveraging the Internet. In 2021, as I am writing this article and posting it through a 4G network, I can see the possibilities and capabilities of the new age technologies to solve some basic human problems.

This generation is often called a depressed generation. But nobody tries to find the cause of it and find a solution for it. Mental health has never been a priority in this country. People will ask you about your health, your career and all but nobody will ever ask you about how you are feeling. You can probably relate here. Free online counselling can be a great help in such a society where it is still considered as a kind of taboo by the traditional collective social mindset.

1. No hesitation:

In a country like India, mental health is still a less talked about topic. People hesitate to discuss their issue fearing being judged by the society. Forget about seeing a psychiatrist, they even fear to share their issues with their family members. Here online help works extremely well. Talking to a psychologist online is very easy now. Many platforms are there which connect the psychologists with the needy ones. features a platform where you can directly connect with a mental health expert or other expert. You can talk to any of the listed experts at an individual level. You can try it.

2. No fear of being judged:

Our default brain system always finds a defensive way to react while facing any situation where the collective mindset is different to ours. We always fear being judged. This is a normal situation. Mental health is also not much different from this trend. The scene is even worse from the mental health perspective. People fear to share their feelings even with their family members. Online platforms dilute the fear of being judged. Even it gives you an opportunity to take help from the experts which is quite impossible in the physical environment.

3. A support system:

Whatever the situation you are in, having a support system is a great sigh of relief. It's always better to have someone or some people by your side in the time of crisis than fighting it alone. In this era of the Internet, virtual support appears as a solution here. You are not alone. You just have to seek help. There are experts available online from all across the globe who will listen to you and guide you in a proper way. They will listen to your story without judging you. Sounds good. There are many platforms offering psychological help online. Only thing needed is that you should seek help while facing any issue regarding your mental health.


Online free counselling platforms are trying to solve a major issue in humanity, an issue that people fear to talk about, an issue that the traditional social mindset perceives as abnormal. It's high time that we normalise the issues related to mental health and make people aware of it.


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