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Top Platform for Online Psychological Counselling in India

Updated: Oct 11

Help is in abundance. Whether it's therapy or counseling, there is no scarcity of mental health platforms offering such services. In a country like India where mental health is still considered taboo, these platforms are indeed changing the landscape of the holistic healthcare scene in the country. But, which platform is best for Online Psychological Counselling India? Let's find out.

Counseling is still a very new term for the Indian audience. After the pandemic, counseling and therapy have got some attention. Psychology Online Consultation or Mental Health Therapist Online is getting momentum now. The best thing is that the new age people are now becoming highly aware and conscious about their mental well-being. Thanks to all the platforms which are doing an amazing job in the mental health sector in the country.

Online psychological counseling in India

Online Psychologists:

Is it safe? Will it help? And why online? These questions might come to your mind thinking about going for counseling.

See therapy is still an alien term for the Indian audience. The Best Online Mental Health Counselling. Even mental health is still considered an imaginary term in typical Indian societies. In such a situation, going for a therapy session to a mental health clinic might get you encountered with several questions. This needs to change, Talk to a Psychologist Online and get Psychological Help Online. After the pandemic, people are now becoming more aware of their mental well-being along with their physical health. But, we are yet to reach that stage where mental health will be considered mainstream. Online platforms appear as a rescue here. Online therapy platforms offer one on one counseling sessions keeping your identity completely anonymous. So these platforms are safe and work well. One big concern while choosing for therapy is the monetary angle as mental health counseling is very much costlier for a middle-class person, student, or someone dependent on others. This is a big reason why many try to figure it out by themselves instead of going to a counselor. But thankfully there are platforms like FlyingPepper which have made therapy affordable for everyone. FlyingPepper offers very high flexibility in the price range while maintaining the quality very high.

Trust Issue:

The biggest concern a person has while going for online psychology consultation is trusting the platform. Sharing your vulnerable side is a courageous task. It's not as easy as it sounds. The fear of social judgments along with an inferiority complex refrains you from seeking help. That's where the problem is. Online therapy platforms are solving this issue to a high extent. Trust can be related to believing in the therapist, sharing your issues without facing any judgments, or about the anonymity of the session. Online platforms work better compared to a real consultation service as it's quite easier to have a session keeping your privacy, anonymity safe.

How Does it Work?

FlyingPepper has one of the simplest and easiest booking funnels in the mental health segment. The website features profiles of various mental health experts from different domains in the mental health sector. All mental health partners of FlyingPepper are committed to providing affordable mental health support to needy ones.

The sessions are completely private and conducted over various mediums. Audio, video and chat options are available and can be opted for considering your comfortability.

Online Psychological Counselling India:

Online mental health counseling is a very new concept in the country. There is a number of platforms that offer online psychological counselling in the country. But the main concerning factor is affordability and the quality of service. It's almost impossible for a student or a middle-class guy to pay (2000-3000) Rs for a 45 minutes session. Many have to stay away from therapy thinking about the cost. FlyingPepper offers therapy at a very affordable range. The minimum fee for a 45 minutes session is just 350 Rs. Sessions are made affordable while keeping the quality at stake.

Unless we make mental health support available and affordable for everyone, we won't be able to erase the stigma and taboo attached to it.

Online psychological counselling in India is still a very new thing for the majority of the population. These platforms are surely working excellent towards solving the mental health issues in the country and surely in the coming days, people will consider seeing a psychologist for their mental health issues.

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