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Five Easy Habits that Will Develop Positive Mindset

"Mindset is your rudder in the boat of your life." - Shan White

Have you ever noticed how some people even after being privileged nag about how unfair their life is, whereas; some people even after being in the toughest phase of their life, seem to be satisfied. The difference in these two types of people is their mindset. A person with a positive mind looks out for a brighter side in any situation, whereas; a negative person can only see negativity all around. But how is it that some people are filled with positivity whereas others only process negative thoughts?

Image Source: Unsplash all comes down to habits

What habits a person has tells a lot about his life. You see, all the successful people even after being from the different industries have the same habit pattern. They wake up early, read, exercise regularly, surround themselves with like-minded people, utilize time well, invest in themselves and indulge in the activities that help them grow. If these positive habits are common in all the successful people, these must be effective to attain a successful life. Isn't it? In this article, we are going to talk about five easy yet effective habits that will help you develop a positive mind-set in life.

Five Habits to Develop Positive Mindset

Life is unfair to everyone. It’s not that the people who are successful today, didn't have to face any difficulty. Everyone has to experience tough time but how you react to such situation is what makes all the difference. Your positive attitude helps you overcome even the toughest time of your life. Well, the good thing is that a person's mindset can be changed with some good habits.

Eager to know these habits? Read to know more...

1. Reading relaxes your mind

I can’t stress enough on how important reading (self-help books) can be beneficial for personal growth. When you travel, you meet people and learn from their experiences but when you can’t travel, you should me, the benefit is exactly the same. Reading doesn’t only keep your mind engaged, it also changes our attitude towards life and people. Best selling books on positive thinking:

  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Joseph Murphy

  • Ikigai - Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles

  • Good Vibes, Good Life - Vex King

2. Glorify your life by being grateful

I highly believe that your life changes for good when you start appreciating it. However; due to constant failure, lack of positivity and being ungrateful develops negative emotions such as comparison, anxiety, self-doubt etc. When the negative side of us overpowers the positive, we start comparing our lives with others. When we do so, not only we feel miserable but also overlook how blessed we are with the things that we already have (which most still wish for).

Practising gratitude doesn’t only help us remember all the good things in life but also boosts positive thinking. Everyday before going to bed, either think of your blessings or write them down and be thankful. It completely changes life, for better.

3. Surround yourself with positive people

They say, you are the average of 5 people that you surround yourself with. It is one of the most practical statements that I've ever come across. I will tell you how, imagine you are friends with a set of people who are not ambitious, optimistic and courageous, you may not get affected by their negative traits initially but soon you will realize how you have started becoming one of them. Therefore; you must be mindful while choosing the people who you spend your time with.

4. Feed your mind with positivity

Technology isn't all bad. You see, who had imagined that we would be able to learn from the most popular life-coaches just by sitting at home that too for free? The habit of listening to positive people helps us be positive in life. Listen to positive affirmations, life talks, podcasts, watch YouTube videos that enhances your personal growth. Remember, whenever you invest your valuable time onto something, make sure it gives you something in return. Time is money and you must learn the art of utilizing your money wisely.

Three people that you should listen to are:

  • Mel Robbins

  • Jay Shetty

  • Sadhguru

5. Exercising excretes negativity

Exercising doesn’t only sweat out the toxins from your body but also takes care of your emotional wellbeing. Have you ever noticed the positivity that you get filled with just after working out, hiking, cycling or playing a sport? How do you feel? Energised? Do you feel as if you can conquer anything? You do, right? That’s what happen when we keep ourselves active. No. You don't need to be active for several hours, a small workout session of 15-20 minute everyday is enough to help you feel good.

Unlike eating ice cream, reading or exercising do not provide you instant satisfaction but these habits help you improve the quality of your life in the long run.

We hope you learnt something valuable from this article. If you did, make sure to show your love in the comment section below!

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