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Covid has increased the laziness of citizens

The answer is yes and the pandemic has caused the people to become lazier during these times and will be the same for a long time. As we are bound to our homes now also even when the second wave of the pandemic is currently on us. Today we spend most of our time cozy in our beds watching movies, streaming shows, and without getting out of bed for hours. Moreover, our screen times have increased dramatically and today we spend more than 15 hours staring at the screen, based on the work or our own entertainment.

I can ensure that the laziness index on the citizens of the word has increased and today more people are becoming lazier and unmotivated. This can be one of the indirect impacts of Covid-19 on humanity. My major concern is how much will the population change in terms of behavior, routines, functionality, diet, health, mentality, and many more after the pandemic has ended and if there is an end to this.

Let me point out certain aspects of why there has been an increase in the laziness levels and post certain suggestions to reduce them.

It's hard to be motivated.

Let it be based on the profession or personal growth the laziness attire has demotivated yourself as well as the entire community. As the world is undergoing the second phase of lock-down and the second wave of pandemic hitting most of the countries there is little to be motivated and be eager about for everyone.

You don't get out of your homes

Due to the imposed restrictions as well as the devastating impact of the pandemic most people other than the essential workers are bound to the walls of their homes. This is making them too attached as well as way more comfortable throughout the day. Additionally, most of the people do not get out of their rooms during most of the days.

No physical activity of any sort

Nowadays, you have limited your physical movements, no waking, cycling or even getting ready to go to work. Moreover, most people don't even work out or exercise for most of the days causing lower levels of metabolism as well as immunity rates which is one of the major reasons for getting Covid. The lack of movement as well as no physical activity has added to the laziness of the citizens.

If we pursue this state of being lazy through the days of the pandemic we will evolve as a population that is not eager or excited to live in this world. So it's evident that you should change your lifestyles in the pandemic to be more energetic as well as be motivated but respecting and following the rules and regulations imposed by the governing bodies. Let me point out the certain aspects that can help you with the aspects of overcoming laziness and staying productive even after these desperate times.

How can we reduce laziness which has evolved during this pandemic?

You will not be able to eliminate the entire aspects of being lazy in a person's life especially during their time where we are completely bound to our homes. However, we will be able to reduce it to a lower percentage levels. Here the certain aspects which I practice or are advising you which you can follow:

Self motivate

It's one of the best advice practices in every aspect of life. Most of our parents would have been motivated during our childhood but now as an adult, you have the responsibility to motivate yourself. As you are bound to your homes, set minor goals such as working out or cleaning the parts of your house or watering plants, and many more which you wish to do in your vicinity.

Do certain physical activities

Going out for cycling or a walk outside is forbidden for now and it should stay as it is till the end of the pandemic. You can start by doing certain post-work stretches or pre-work sketches as most of us are sitting down for countless hours staring at the screens which can make our muscles go numb. Additionally, I don't have to remind you all about the tummy which has been growing and the hip that is widening.

Move to be creative

Pick up the hobbies that you left behind, learn a new thing, or indulge in cooking with your mom or dad. Test your recipes, feed them to your sibling and get scoldings for it from them. Moreover, we can't be diminishing in our creativity because it's something which helps in our work as well as is the one quality that most of us will need after the pandemic.

It's OK to get bored and lazy but you should be practicing certain aspects which will help you not to push yourself into complete boredom as well as laziness. You can continue binge-watching 5 to 6 episodes a day, or watch 2 or 3 movies a day but not every day and keep your laziness index on the scale, and always have a check on it.

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Feb 10, 2023

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