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Are you stressed out? Has the work-from-home scenario increased the load on your life?

The impact of Covid 19 has disrupted our lives in unimaginable ways that we can think of. As the outbreak occurred in the fall of 2019 hence naming it Covid 19 the world was not much disrupted but as the time progressed and in March of 2020 almost all the parts of the world were in lockdown. We all were bound to our homes, business shifted to the work from the home scenario and only essential workplaces functioning. As of now, we have passed over one year of the pandemic era and we are still in the situation.

A major relief is that of the rollout of vaccines however, only the developed nations were able to fully vaccinate their citizens to a major extent. Considering developing and underdeveloped nations that vaccination drives were not successful and were implemented in a lethargic way. An example is India. The government has launched and initiated the largest vaccination drive but as of now, the authorities were not successful in administering all citizens with vaccine doses, even the first one. Leading you to the impact of the second wave. Door-to-door vaccination or vaccination drives by state governments as well as local administration is the best way to execute the vaccination drive now in India if the vaccines are made available.

With the impact of the pandemic, most of the companies which were able to employ their staff and executives in the work from home aspect shifted to it. Most of the IT services all across the world have adapted to this strategy. Today a major percentage of people all across the globe are working from home online just as they did in the offices but virtually. Moreover, most internet service providers are offering work-from-home packs with high amounts of data limits.

So has the work from home scenario affected the employees? Are they more stressed out than normal office jobs?

The answer is yes. But many of the professionals who are not working from home might be astonished because for them work from home means no commute, no need to dress up or even bath, more time with family, and can save more money. However, in real-life situations, the scenario is quite different. Although the above-mentioned facts are some of the main advantages of working from home. But as per the studies conducted, it depicts that employees working from homes are more stressed out or feel burned out after a day's work 25 percent more than a normal day job.

One of the major reasons is that most of the employees are not experiencing a human connection and are lacking behind in the aspect of social interaction. Moreover, as the current situation prevails there is nothing that we can do as we are bound to follow the norms imposed by authorities. Another main reason is regarding the work time, as most of the employees working from home are not found to be able to plug out of their work timings. Additionally, work time is getting more and more interfered with personal time. Here are certain aspects or you can call them tips to work from home which will help you reduce the burnout after a days job in the work from home context:

Create a routine

Most of the days in the life of a working professional will be similar and you will be easily able to draft a routine of work for your job. Especially in the case of the work form scenario, you should be able to create rituals for the start of the day, and the end of the day. This will bring in a structure to your work operations, what happens in between will entirely and literally depend on the task you have to complete.

Create a dedicated workspace

A dedicated workspace can bring wonders to your productivity as you will be able to completely concentrate and get the job done. Furthermore, avoid working from your bed as you will be turning to a sleep mode when you work from your bed and will not be able to fully concentrate. You can also change your working area now and then which will help you to move around your house or apartment, which will be helpful for your body as well as your mind.

Take regularized breaks

Breaks and time off between the day are vital and can help you to rejuvenate yourself. A small walk inside the house or to your backyard garden can bring wonders to your day. If you are a parent, spending a short quality time with your children in between work hours will be refreshing or connect with your partner. Try to avoid screen time as your eyes will be stressed out and I understand your urge for taking up your smartphones to visit social media check our Instagram reels or WhatsApp status try to avoid a maximum of that.

Stick to the devoted work time

You should never make your work time interfere with your personal time and space. If it's a 9 to 6 job you should end the day's work by 6 or 6:30 and never exceed it. Your managers will be stressing you to work extra hours but you should learn to say no as it will affect your next day's work.

Rectify your sleep cycle

As the epidemic broke out and we were into lockdown one of the main things majorly affected my sleep cycle. I was sleeping late and waking up just minutes before the time to report to work or be online for meetings. This affected both my physical and mental health. Now I have a strict schedule of sleep timings which I try everyday to never break and my advice is that you should regulate your sleeping hours where you should not sleep less or an extra bit to 8-9 hours a day. A good sleep cycle will also be beneficial for your eyes as you are staring at least 12 hours on them.


If you are a person who has never moved a limb to sweat out or work out my advice is that it's high time that you should take up a workout routine. Let it be a simple one where you are not stressed out but relaxed and stretched. Yoga is a good workout where you will be able to stretch out your muscles and take up certain breathing exercises which are both beneficial for your mind as well as body.

Eat well

Another aspect which most of you might have discussed will be your diet as most of you in the initial days of the lockdown will be following a lethargic one without any norms or control eating whatever you get. A good diet can be healthy and will help you to feel energetic throughout the day. Always try not to overeat as you are working from your homes and you may feel sleepy and will affect your productivity. It's better if you eat home-cooked meals in a short portion during different times. Moreover, reduce your caffeine intake as it may disrupt your sleep cycle and drink plenty of water and don't be hesitant as there is a bathroom right beside you in your house.

These are the certain aspects that you can follow to avoid or reduce being stressed out if you're working from your homes. In the earlier days before the pandemic, remote-based work from home was a scenario most of the professionals were only able to dream of but now the scenario has been changed. Today there is a greater demand for work-from-home jobs in India and all across the world as most people today prefer to work from their homes.

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