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What have we been doing in our homes from the start of lock-down?

I do understand that the World and especially the country is going through one of the most desperate times that we have ever faced. I thought about this and as it's been more than one year that we have been in this pandemic situation, I decided that a little encouragement for people to move on even in these desperate times by shedding a light on what people have been doing in their lockdown days.

So my question is how has it been for you until now? Have you fallen into the trap of being lazy and staring at your screens for long hours? or have you been partially productive? I am not asking you to be completely productive as it's not possible and it's been more than a year and no one can be fully productive as we are bound to our homes. Here are the certain aspects which most people might have been into in their lockdown days. Don't you worry I am not gonna do the 'hey guys this has been my lockdown routine so far' thing. This is just a look back at our home-bound days and the activities that we have been doing.

We have been through a lot of trends lately from the initial days of implementation of the lockdown in the country. Here is a flashback to those, laugh ahead if you have done any of the same.

Quarant, Quantine.....Quarantine

This started it all, as in the initial days of lockdown most of the people were not understanding what is lockdown and why we are in lockdown?. Many might have wondered if this is a movie or a zombie attack. Moreover, like many including me have not heard the word lockdown, and being this the first time I also Google it for my understanding and I got a lot of WhatsApp forwards from my relatives describing lockdown which was all blunder and work of certain lunatics who were spreading fake news.

The first case in India was reported to a medical student who has been studying in Wuhan China, the birthplace of coronavirus which we have today. The person was a resident of Kerala and was immediately put into quarantine when arrived. This is when the word struck me, I couldn't spell or pronounce the word at first but now it has become just one of the commonly used words by me more than thrice a day.

The new normal

As the world shifted from being a place where people could easily gather around and celebrate to where people are bound to their homes, practicing social distancing measures. We also looked up what is social distancing and what is a sanitizer? which were some of the prominent searches on google during those days. We were bound to

practice social distancing as well as self-hygiene measures which should be strictly followed and the same continues now today too and today my hands consume more alcohol. We all moved to a work-from-home terminology except the essential workers and a big salute to them. Furthermore, the students have moved to online classes, an aspect which was seen as impossible in the earlier days.

A big bang of trends

When the lockdown happened, one of the aspects which most of the people were worried about was how to spend time and be motivated. Then came the rain of trends one after the other. Starting with dalgona coffee, push up challenges, testing your culinary skills, binge watching movies and shows, and many more.

It was not much astonishing that these trends went viral through social media platforms and most of the people followed to support them as most of the people were bound to homes.

Utilizing the days well

You might have or your friend would have taken up online courses during the lockdown. Most of the people found this opportunity to improve their skills and sharpen them. Furthermore, many have tried to improve their physique by working out and maintaining a home-based diet. Anyway if you were not up for any of these don't you worry, these days are not bound to be productive and it's OK if you feel lazy. However, it's best advised that you should be exercising regularly, as it increases your immunity as well as overall health therefore, if you are a person who does not work out it's better that you start doing it from today itself.

Zoom calls

Zoom was one of the applications or web services which most of us had not heard of until the impact of the pandemic. But today it's one of the most used applications both professionally as well as personally. We have most of our work calls, meetings, and professional gatherings in Zoom. Furthermore, in personal life with Zoom, we have hosted birthday parties virtually in this lock-down and even marriage, as well as other ceremonies, were conducted via Zoom. Moreover most people today suffer from Zoom fatigue as we overuse the application.

Money Heist

Money Heist might be one of the shows which all you might have started binge watching during the earlier days of lockdown, I still have the Bella ciao! by Berlin stuck in my head. We then further progressed to a variety of streaming shows from the various platforms. However, Money Heist may be one of the first series that most people have started watching and it might be one of the only series that they might have watched.

The pandemic is still not over yet therefore, continue with your in-house experiments and enjoyment, let us be bound to our house to be independent in the future. Practice good mental as well as physical exercises which strengthen our minds and body. Stay home, stay safe.

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Unknown member
May 30

During the quarantine, I often got bored and started playing video games. I also enjoyed gambling and betting on, especially since I won large sums of money several times. However, I wouldn't recommend these activities to those who don't know how to stop in time. I often found it challenging not to lose all my money, but my discipline never failed me.


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Bob Devil
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