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Boredom Defence: How to Kill Boredom Instantly While Most of Us are Staying at Home?

While most of us are staying at home today, attempting to break the chain of infection of the deadly Coronavirus disease, boredom is a common unpleasant feeling that arises amongst us when we are left without anything particular to do, and makes us feel distracted and frustrated. We also tend to feel bored when we do repetitive and time-consuming tasks. But boredom is absolutely inevitable.

Engaging with new things and doing something interesting and different creates a feeling of excitement and contentment.

Here are some interesting tricks that will instantly cure boredom and reactivate your life:

1. Start a Small Garden:

Gardening can be an excellent boredom killer. You tend to get immense satisfaction when you see your plants grow big. Gardening has a positive impact on your mood as it helps relieve stress and boosts your mood. The bacteria found in soil improves your immune system and you tend to fall less sick and fight off infections easily. Gardening is also a good form of exercise because when you do gardening, your body releases endorphins - important hormones that make you feel satisfied and relaxed.

2. Organize Your Home:

Clear out unwanted stuff from your shelves, desks, wardrobes, and drawers and make them look neat and tidy. Get rid of things that aren’t being used at all. Arrange items according to the frequency of their use. Practice labelling everything so that you find anything right at ease when it is required. Organize your kitchen utensils. Have a specific place in your home to store things and keep them back in the same place once you have used them. Organizing your home is not an immediate process; you need to tidy up a little each day.

3. Throw out Expired Products:

Many a times you may fail to keep a check of the expired household products in the house because of the busy schedule. Whenever time permits, make efforts to eliminate expired products from your dressing table such as makeup, skincare, haircare, and cosmetic products as these can cause serious damage to your skin and hair. It is equally important to throw away expired items from your fridge to ensure good health.

4. Work on Improving your Typing Speed:

In this era of improving technology, typing is something most of us have to do a lot in our jobs. Many of us still tend to use only two of our fingers while typing. But it is very essential to learn typing skills to complete your work faster in an efficient manner. Typing with ease helps you save time and helps you work comfortably on the computer. You can complete your work at a stretch with good typing speed.

5. Master a New Language:

When you use your brain to learn a new language, your brain automatically begins to function more effectively. You will be able to connect with people who speak other languages. When you learn a new language, you are unknowingly improving your memory, problem solving, decision making, better listening, and multitasking skills. You get familiar with new words, new grammar, and new vocabulary which improves your way of thinking and strengthens your brain’s natural ability to focus and makes you more attentive.

6. Learn to Cook:

Eating food cooked at home is way healthier and less expensive than eating at restaurants. Homemade food is appetizing, easily digestible, and safe to eat. Good cooking skills provide the benefit of consuming nutritious meals. Practice healthy cooking while getting bored when you are stuck at home. Try your hand at preparing new dishes and desserts, enjoy them with your family, and your time will fly by like anything.

7. Find a Hobby You Love:

Devote your time on a hobby that gives you happiness, relieves your stress, offers you challenges, and helps you pass the time efficiently. Spending time in doing things that are fun will combat boredom and keep you more committed in completing your desired hobby. Hobbies can help you in your career, provide you extra income, and prevent you from wasting time. Practice hobbies like Coding, Graphic Designing, Podcasting, Reading, Singing, Knitting, Stitching Journaling and many more. Focus on improving yourself each day.

8. Start Practicing Yoga:

Yoga is an excellent medicine to improve your mental health. It is also a great form of exercise that can help to keep your mind calm and relieved of all stress and worries. Yoga improves your posture when you practice it after working for long hours, increases the flexibility of your body, increases blood flow, boosts metabolism, and keeps diseases at bay. Making yoga a habit will help you fight fatigue, make you more focused and active, and cure boredom to a great extent by creating a positive mindset and a relaxed environment.

9. Play Fun Games:

Download the games that interest you the most on your smartphone or computer. Besides the being a good time pass, games help relieve stress and create learning experiences. There are unlimited games available on the internet to add fun to your life and cure your boredom anytime and anywhere. Games keep us engaged and make us interact and learn by providing a sense of achievement and recognition. You can also play indoor games such as Carrom, Chess, Ludo, Chinese Checkers, and many more to help keep your mind engaged and relaxed.

10. Give Your Home a New Look:

The best way to utilize your time is to decorate your home be it your kitchen, your wardrobe, or your bookshelf. You can try painting your room yourself with splashes of your favourite shades. Freshen up your house with a new coat of paint or try applying decorative wallpapers to some walls of your house to make it look more luxurious. Move your furniture to make it look the best and bring up a change in décor. Clean the walls. Organize your kitchen cabinets and make your house look like it is just built.

11. Expand Your Knowledge and Skill base:

We live in a society where technical knowledge is most important than anything else. You won’t be able to stay benefitted unless you learn something extra that your competitors haven’t. Try to gain more knowledge on subjects you are curious about. Practicing new skills will not only keep your mind engaged, but also increases your ability to focus and opens door for new opportunities. It helps you gain more confidence and gives you strength to face major challenges.

12. Watch Some Interesting Reality Series:

Watch your favourite series of episodes that steal your heart. Watching reality series has been a favourite pass time of most people lately. It can decompress your stress and help you feel up and active. Watching series helps in stress management and offers a great level of comfort by helping you get rid of depression, mood rifts, and loneliness. It is a good source of entertainment and a stress reliever.

13. Spend Time on Yourself:

The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. You must spend enough time to care about yourself and spend time in self-improvement. Spend ample time pampering yourself by changing your hair colour, deep conditioning your hair, giving yourself a manicure or a pedicure, painting your nails, meditating, or dancing. Spending time with yourself makes you more self-dependent and boosts your confidence.

14. Spend time with your family:

We usually spend most of our time on fulfilling our goals be it on studies or jobs. While most of you are now at home, you have the opportunity of spending quality time with your family members and loved ones. Parents can teach their children new skills and communicate with them. Have a good time together, eat meals together, watch movies together, and take blessings of elders. Being with families brings happiness and relieve stress.

Final Thoughts

Boredom is one of the most common feeling that most of us experience. In today’s situation, where we are caught up at home in this pandemic, it is obvious that we might get afraid or anxious. But this is the time we must overcome our anxiety and make ample use of the gift of time that is available to us. This is the time to be strong, stay relaxed, become organized, become skilled, and spend time with your family and loved ones. Don’t let the boredom overrule you. Instead, overcome your boredom in the most creative, effective, and productive ways and make your life joyful.

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Unknown member
6 days ago

This article offers a wonderful array of boredom-busting activities to try while staying at home. From gardening to language learning, the suggestions cater to a variety of interests. One activity I found particularly intriguing was the mention of taking up a new hobby. Perhaps we could even incorporate a rice purity test to discover some unexplored pastimes!


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Oct 26, 2023

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Hannah Hannah
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Feb 10, 2023

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Brian Griffin
Brian Griffin
Dec 07, 2022

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