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5 songs must be in your playlist on a bus journey~ FlyingPepper

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

"We ride this silver cocoon over the earth, our eyes on the trees that grow in their infinite patience, leaves breathing out our oxygen, bathing in the same light as we soon will. I feel the movement of the wheels over the road, following the curves and greeting each slope in its smooth way. These bus rides are my meditation, a chance for my thoughts to greet the horizon, salute the clouds and ready my feet for the day ahead."Bus journeys are best if you have a good company of music.These tracks we have listed here will turn your bus journey into a journey of dreams.

1.Tune Kaha by Prateek Kuhad:

2.Main Chahta Hoon by Swastik the Band:

3.Jhula Jhulaye by Atif Aslam:

4.Duur by Strings:

5.Raat Raazi by Prateek Kuhad:

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