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Accident, murder or disappearance: the mystery surrounding the death of Netaji.

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is one of the decorated freedom fighters of India who understood that we should fight back to overthrow British rule. He was one of the primary contributors of the movement who played a crucial role in throwing the British rule from India long before the achievement of Independence for the country. He played a crucial role in the plan to overthrow British rule during the Second World War with the help of Germany and Japan. And the coincidence that he was dead as per certain assumptions that he was in an aircraft accident while traveling to Japan.

The entire incident looks like a Hollywood spy assassination thriller movie and many mysteries and conspiracies are surrounding the death of Netaji. The name Netaji was initially used by Indian soldiers, officials as well as the German ones stationed in the Indische Legion of the Special Bureau of India in Berlin pre World War II times. Today Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: the forgotten hero is the tagline associate while referring to Bose this is mainly because he was not present or alive during the time of independence and was fastly forgotten right after it. Moreover, he has been a silent contributor in various aspects of the Independence where there is no document to suggest the same but the freedom fighters in most of their documentaries claim that he has been one of the silent contributors who functioned in his own methodologies and ideologies.

The beginning

Image source: Times of India

Netaji was elected as the president of the Indian national congress in January of 1938 and he continued to have a second term in 1939 in the position defeating Gandhi himself in the election. During the second term, Netaji was de synced from the ideology of the party and began to think from his soldier mind. He understood that waging war and attacks on British offices and British-owned institutions and freeing many of the freedom fighters that have been captured will add up to the independence movement. Furthermore, he understood that with the help of allies outside India we will be able to overcome the British rule during World War II.

The mysterious death or disappearance

Today even after decades of his passing or his disappearance Subhas Chandra Bose death mystery continues whether it was an accident, murder, or way of exile to disappearance who knows whats the reality. There are many controversial indications on the death or disappearance about Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. However, we just don't know which of them is true. Here are certain most talked about controversies on the death mystery of Netaji.

  • The initial one and the one with more accurate details and information regarding it is about the airplane crash which led to the death of Netaji. Just two years before the independence of India as per the reports by the Japanese Domei news agency suggested that the airplane carrying Netaji was involved in an accident and he suffered several third-degree burns which were due to the fire that was caught in the year 1945 during August. A detailed report was completed in the year after several investigations by the Japanese authorities which were completed in 1956 which was 11 years after the incident. The report described that the plane carrying Netaji from Japanese-controlled Matsuyama military airport in Taihoku modern-day Taiwan was caught with a propeller failure right after takeoff losing the engine causing the aircraft to crash and catch fire immediately. All of Netaji's Clothes were burned and he has several third-degree burns. Admitted to the hospital Netaji was conscious and later was declared dead after several hours.

  • The second one suggests his exile which suggests that Netaji was not at all dead but lived his entire life up to old age. Moreover, there are indications that he spent the rest of his life in a temple in Taiwan after his controversial trip to Japan which led to the incident.

  • Another theory or fact suggests that he was captivated by the Russian army during the time and was imprisoned as a war criminal and later died in his old age in a Russian prison cell. The main reason would have been his close relationships with Japan during the second world war.

  • Another important theory suggests that he remained hidden in India itself as he didn't want to further get involved in the Independence movement and the further Indian politics. It is said that Gumnami Baba has a sheer resemblance to Netaji and Netaji himself who posed as Baba and lived the rest of his life after finally being taken in 1985 due to old age.

These are certain of the most popular controversial theories which are being told and revolved around the death, murder, or exile of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Many say that the Netaji death mystery solved by the reports from the Japanese government although around 10 investigations were conducted regarding it and all were brought to the same conclusion. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: the forgotten hero is the tag line that associates Netaji most appropriately today.


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