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Nostalgia: This unplugged version of ‘O Sanam’ by Lucky Ali is winning hearts over the internet.

What is Lucky Ali doing these days? His fans from all over the world have been asking this question. Recently a viral video of Lucky Ali singing his masterpiece ‘O Sanam’ with an acoustic guitar has answered all these questions. Twitter has been flooded with love and good wishes after the legendary singer uploaded a raw video of him singing ‘O Sanam’.

'O Sanam' by Lucky Ali unplugged
Credit: Dna India

90s kids were blessed with the most dynamic, versatile and preciously talented musicians to listen to at both Indian and western scene. Lucky Ali was one of the most sought after Indie artists amongst the Indian millennials of that era. His very unique, dynamic and ahead of his time classics are totally masterpieces. Songs of him like ‘O Sanam’, ‘Jaane kya dhoondta hai’ and two of his most famous bollywood hits with Hrittik Rishan ‘Na Tum Jano Na Hum’ and ‘Ek Pal Ka Jeena’ were blockbusters of that era. And who can forget the magic of ‘Aa Bhi Ja’. Feeling nostalgic? Stay with us. Here's more to come.

Lucky Ali songs used to be the classics far from the crowd. Millennials of today are fond of listening to Prateek Kuhad, Ankur Tiwari, Taba Chake. Lucky Ali was way ahead of his time in terms of composition, lyrics and stories.


But, suddenly he vanished from the music scene of the country. During these years too, he did some Bollywood numbers. But, there was no original from him throughout these years. As per the Internet, he was busy focussing on his personal life and farming. He is 62 years old now and totally in a perfect voice to create more masterpieces.  But this recent viral video of ‘O Sanam’ has proved that Lucky Ali is fine and in perfect condition to sing more for us.

Live Shows:

Most of our favourite singers from the 90s are doing regular live Shows. Singers love doing live shows. Live shows give a singer to interact with his audience and fans in a more closed way which an online gig can never offer. College fests are loved more because of the energetic and interactive audience. Kumar Sanu, Euphoria, Hariharan all of them can be seen doing live shows. Lucky Ali is also not different. Throughout these years he was seen on various college fests all over the country. 

O Sanam unplugged:

Unplugged music has been on trend recently. MTV unplugged has featured many indie artists along with our favourite bollywood artists. Lucky Ali also got featured on MTV unplugged India. ‘O Sanam’ is one of the prime focus of that episode. Indie artists have always been very less explored. Lucky Ali, Euphoria, Apache Indian were trendsetters of the 90's. The vibe of the song ‘O Sanam was totally different during the era of the 90's’. The recent video of Lucky Ali singing ‘O Sanam’ with an acoustic guitar has brought the same vibe to the internet and people are loving it.

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