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Music:11 Indie Songs you must listen for a fresh and energetic morning

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Indie songs are always less explored.The freshness and energy levels are at maximum during the morning hours.Morning is the most hated phase for the late night owls.If morning goes fresh and energetic, we feel the vibe of freshness and energy throughout the day.Listening to some good energetic and fresh songs in the morning are the addition to the vibe.

Majority audience of good music have no clue about these fresh songs which are indeed pure gems.These bands are creating high quality music without caring about their number of subscription.These are less discovered, less listened and totally underrated bands in the messy ocean of Bollywood.

1.Dil Beparwah by Ankur Tiwari and Prateek Kuhad:

2.Dil Mere by The Local Train:

3.Firefly by When Chai Met Toast:

4.Sapney by Sifar:

5.Bawri Chori By The Yellow Diary:

6.Dekho by Kaavish:

7.Pehli Mohabbat by Darshan Raval:

8.kya karoon by Zaeden:

9.Kashti by Desert Rock:

10.Pahadan by Deepak Rathod Project:

11.Tujhse Door Jo Hota Hoon by Gajendra Verma:

Listen to these fresh and energetic songs by some of the most talented musicians of the country and have a happy, energetic and a wonderful day ahead.

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