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Uplifting meaning: How podcasting can be used to uplift the education scene in India?

Podcasting is the hottest addition to the new age social media. After written, visual and video contents winning all over the internet, we are now in the era of audio contents. This new type of content is getting high popularity amongst the millennials all over the world. Though podcasting is a very new concept for the Indian millennials, various podcast shows are gaining exponential popularity in the country. Audio is a very powerful medium and with the proper use of audio contents we can provide information, share knowledge and empower the needy which can be a powerful step towards uplifting the underprivileged, helping those at the very remote location of the country and ultimately uplifting the basic education scene in the country.

Uplifting meaning
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India is one of the oldest civilisations on earth. We have a rich history of our education systems. Ancient India was the hub of knowledge seekers. People from all over the globe used to come to India for learning. Modern education got introduced with the commencing of the British era in India. Still there are parts of the country where quality education is not available. The internet can be a great help in overcoming this. There are various platforms available in the education sector but nobody is trying to solve this very basic problem. Frankly saying there is no free and appropriate public education function properly in the country.

Audio contents can be a great help to reduce this gap. Well produced podcast shows featuring various concepts and informations can be used to spread high quality contents even to the most remote location of the country.

Podcasts can be used for uplifting the education scene in the country:

The real meaning of uplifting is improving someone's life by providing the required support. In a true sense, a society is uplifted not from monetary achievements or any kind of materialistic support but with proper education, knowledge and information. Various non profit organisations are working at the very grass root level to provide quality education to the underprivileged and the needy students. But in a country with more than 135 crores of population, it's quite impossible to fix the basic education system without any online support. Here comes the role of podcasting. It can be used as a medium to provide quality education at the lowest cost and even to the most remote location of the country.

How podcasts can help uplift the education scene?

1. Easy access:

Video contents require comparatively high end devices to run. Audio can be listened to with almost any kind of mobile phone devices. Both online streaming and recorded audio lessons can be used to provide quality education. Ofcourse, it has its own limitations like you cannot teach math with just an audio. But audio contents are great when it comes to guiding, mentoring and providing information.

2. Multitasking:

You don't necessarily need to sit all day long while learning. You can work, travel or play while listening to a podcast. This is the beauty of podcasts. Theoretical subjects can be easily learned through podcasts. When it comes to mentoring, learning new concepts or may be guidance, podcasts can be a great help.


Though India is having a free and appropriate public education system. But in practicality, still there are millions of students who are very far from quality education. Uplifting the basic education system is synonymous with uplifting life. The day we can provide the best quality education even to the student staying at the most remote location of the country, we will be successful. That will be the true meaning of uplifting.


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