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TVF Kota Factory-the best reflection of Indian coaching industry.

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

The Indian coaching industry is amongst the top emerging industries in the world. It holds pride in serving billions of Indian as well as global students with world-class education. Even more than 70% of Indian parents prefer coaching institutes for an optimum future for their children. Whether a child aims to crack JEE, CAT, or AIIMS, taking admission to a coaching institute is the best option to achieve goals.

TVF Kota factory
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Indian coaching industry features experienced tutors that help children to crack entrance exams with a good percentile. Besides their professional experience, Indian teachers know how to treat them emotionally and guiding them to the right career path. They understand their students' ability and help them to improve the skills for better productivity.

TVF Kota Factory- A real-life example of IIT aspirant struggles

The Indian coaching industry has countless facts that make it more productive than other coaching industries worldwide. These facts are well described in a web series based on a real life situation named 'Kota Factory'. With mind-blowing dialogues and excellent role-play of the Kota Factory cast, the web series explains the untold story of every IIT aspirant. TVF Kota Factory is based on the real story of Vaibhav Panday who aims to get admission into IIT.

Vaibhav Pandey went to Kota City in Rajasthan during his senior secondary studies so that he can prepare for IIT's entrance examination. The middle-class boy decided to take admission in Maheshwari classes that have the best records in preparing IIT rankers. Meanwhile, his journey took another turn when he gets to know he is a bit late in applying to Maheshwari classes. He took admission in Prodigy classes' last batch A10 and start living in a PG house in Kota. Vaibhav got Meena as a friend who lives in the same PG house and studying in the A5 batch.

After a while, Vaibhav's physics teacher Jeetu Bhayia promoted him to the A5 batch because of his excellent performance. Jeetu Bhayia used to teach every student with a helpful and supportive nature in prodigy classes. Following Jeetu Bhayia's guidance, Vaibhav cracked the entrance test of Maheshwari classes and get admission in the A1 batch. Vaibhav has happy but confused between choosing Prodigy classes and Maheshwari ones. Then Jeetu Bhayia again helped him in making a wise decision. He guided him to opt for Maheshwari classes so that Vaibhav can achieve his goal of getting admission to IIT.

Kota Factory is the most accurate view of a student's struggling life. It changed the myths of Indian parents who think children prefer fun and fancy parties more than studies. TVF Kota Factory was a great hit at the time of its launch in 2019 and inspired many parents to get their children admitted to coaching institutes. Now, everyone is waiting for Kota Factory Season 2 to explore Vaibhav's life at Maheshwari classes.

Impact of the Indian coaching industry on students:

The web series completely shows the impact of the Indian coaching industry on students. Have a look at the impacts of the Indian coaching industry shown in TVF Kota Factory.

1. Quality Learning:

The Indian coaching industry is serving the best education services to the students since its introduction. There are more than a million coaching institutes in the country that promote quality learning among students. They teach students with efficient techniques and tactics that cannot be learned during schooling. In Kota Factory, Vaibhav decided to join Maheshwari classes so that he can crack the entrance exam of IIT. Although, he got admission in prodigy classes because of a late application. He still learned many things while studying in the A10 batch and keep preparing himself for the future.

2. Platform to prove intelligence:

Besides quality learning, the Indian coaching industry provides a platform to the students where they can prove their skills and improve them to meet future requirements. It means a student does not need to be stuck at a single level, though he can improve himself based on his intelligence. TVF Kota Factory beautifully describes the fact discussed above. Vaibhav was a brilliant student who had to study in the A10 batch because of a late application. Meanwhile, prodigy classes gave him a chance to study in the A5 batch after a test. Jeetu Bhayia helped him in improving his skills and made him to the A1 batch at Maheshwari classes.

3. Right career path:

The right career path plays a crucial role in the life of a student. Considering that, the Indian coaching industry features the most experienced teachers for better learning. They not only teach concepts, techniques, and tactics of a subject, though they guide their student with the right career path. Similarly, in Kota Factory, Jeetu Bhayia kept guiding Vaibhav at every step and made him get admission to Maheshwari Classes. He also solved his dilemma in between Maheshwari classes and Prodigy ones. Jeetu Bhayia told him to join Maheshwari classes as he knows that was a suitable platform for intelligent students like Vaibhav.

4. Positive learning environment:

Indian coaching industry holds pride in providing students with a positive learning environment in the world. The coaching institutes in India features disciplined students who focus on studies instead of fun and partying. All the students are clubbed together in the classroom and are taught by experienced teachers efficiently. That characteristic of the Indian coaching industry is well described in the TVF Kota Factory web series. In the web series, Vaibhav met disciplined friends like Meena and Uday that helped him to achieve his goals. They motivated him to improve his batch by his intelligence rather than convincing him for night parties. Also, he got Jeetu

Bhayia as an ideal mentor who guide him at every step of his journey and made him crack the entrance examination of Maheshwari Classes.


The Indian coaching industry is one of the emerging industries in India. A coaching institute helps students to crack the examination of premier institutes and learn desired skills. The students can learn techniques and tactics of problem-solving from the most experienced teachers in India. Besides them, Indian coaching institutes have countless characteristics that are beautifully described in the TVF Kota Factory web series. The web series was based on the struggles of an IIT aspirant and how he made himself get admission in his desired coaching classes with the help of his teacher. Even the Kota Factory star cast was made look like real students for a realistic experience. The web series has a lot of things to watch for both students as well as their parents. So, every teenager must watch the web series along with their parents to observe the struggling life of an IIT aspirant.

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