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Try Out these Simple Habits to Detox your Body

Detoxing is necessary and a healthy part of our body’s processes. - Christa Bugler

What we eat, how we think and what decisions we make have an exponential impact on our life. A happy life starts from an outright balance between body, mind and soul. Therefore; it is necessary that apart from eating healthy food, you also take care of your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Our bodies constantly give us several signs to take a break from being exhausted. You must have noticed that despite sleeping for 8 hours, you still don’t feel energised enough. Or you feel overwhelmed, anxious or worried every now and then. Or maybe, you notice your skin has started to act weird lately. Have you?

Well, whatever it is! When you start to notice the signs that your body gives, you get to know that your body is asking for detoxification.

Why Detoxification? Because your body deserves it!

To bring back your body, mind and soul to a balanced state, it is crucial that you be aware of what your body is asking for. Detoxifying your body physically, mentally and emotionally is important as it helps to make you feel composed. Well, the good thing is that body cleanse can be done by following some simple habits.

Read more to know how to detoxify your body...

Physical Detoxification

1. Sweat It Out

Exercising everyday for at least half an hour is one of the effective health practices that detoxify the body. It helps to remove the toxins in the form of sweat, which further makes you feel energised.

2. Practice Oil Pulling It is one of the best Ayurvedic practices that detoxify your body internally. Doing it every morning doesn’t not only promote excellent oral health but also put forward various health benefits. The process of oil pulling is as easy as it sounds. All you have to do is:

  • Take one tablespoon coconut oil.

  • Put in your mouth and swish it for 10 to 15 minutes. Note: You can increase the time as you become regular with it. Do not swallow even the little amount of swished oil.

  • Once you are done swishing, spit the oil out and gargle with normal water.

3. Keep Your Colon Clean

If you want to lead a healthy life, you must take care of your digestive system. It is suggested that clearing your bowel every morning is an effective habit to detoxify your body. Water is considered a miraculous detox juice which eases the bowel moment, making your colon clean.

Mind Detoxification

1. Practice Mindfulness

You should get into the habit of meditation to detoxify your mind. Sitting in a reposeful surrounding, taking deeper breaths and affirming positivity help to clear out all the negative energy. It is important to be aware of your both positive as well as negative emotions. You should know what triggers you, what makes you anxious or why you feel the way you feel. This can easily be done by practicing mindfulness. 2. Preach Positivity The more you focus on positivity, the less your mind would focus on negative things. People often say, you shouldn't use your phone in the initial hours of your day, however; if you do it right, it can be advantageous as well. You can start your day by listening to positive affirmations or healing music. Training your mind to look at positives isn't a quick thing, it's a long process which requires determination, efforts and self-enforcing agreement. 3. Challenge Your Mind Rather than burning your brain capacity on watching unnecessary things, you should focus more on challenging your mind by engaging yourself in Chess, Sudoku or any puzzle. Sometimes, excessive usage of social media also triggers our mind negatively. We ourselves don't realize how social media sometimes can intensify the feeling of comparison, anxiousness and self-doubt. Therefore; practising digital detox should be done to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Emotional Detoxification

1. Be your Loudest Cheerleader Our limiting beliefs make us remember all the negative past memories which stop us from facing our fears. As long as you ignore your negative emotions, it keeps following you. Therefore; do not ignore them, give them the same attention. Try to examine why you are feeling that way and what can make you feel otherwise. 2. Me-time is a Must How often do you take out time just for yourself? No interruption! No worries! No other plans! Just you and things that make you happy. Read. Write. Paint. Sing. Dance. Whatever it is. You must make time for yourself to do things that bring you inner contentment.

3. Cry, Scream but Get it Out The more you keep things to yourself, the deeper they affect your emotional wellbeing. In order to feel emotionally ecstatic, you should let go off anything that makes you feel emotionally caged. Remember that there is no better healer than nature. When you connect with nature, not only does it help you feel refreshed but also helps fill you with positive energy.

Summing it up..

Body detoxification isn't just about cleaning body but also taking care of your overall wellbeing. Only when your body, mind and soul are aligned, you be able to feel internally joyful.

We hope you enjoyed reading the article. If you did, check out our other informative articles as well. We are sure, you will love them too!


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