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Treks in India:11 treks in India every adventure seeking nomad should definitely have in bucket list

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

India has always been the first choice of many adventure seeking nomads from around the globe. The Himalayas, spread across five Indian states, offer some fantastic trekking routes. Though the Indian part of the Himalayas does not have the heights compared to its Nepalese counterparts, Indian Himalayas hosts some of the most adventurous trekking routes in the world which any adventure seeking traveller will definitely love to explore. 

Trekking in India

Trekking in India has evolved a lot. Modern travellers want to experience the thrill and adventure. There are numerous treks in India in the Himalayan range, which offers everything a trekker seeks for. Numerous options are available to choose from various treks in India depending on difficulty, heights, location and the views. 

Various trekking companies, camping service providers as well as many tour service providers offer different sets of trekking packages. Depending on the need of the traveller, he/she can choose any of the plans that suits his/her budget and other factors.

11 very famous treks including some very unique and adventurous treks in India which every adventure seeking nomad should have in his/her bucket list:

1. Chadar trek (Zanskar Gorge): Chadar trek, lies in the Indian territory of Ladakh, is one of the best winter treks in India. The total route is 105 Kilometres in distance. In winter, the temperature sometimes drops to -30 degrees or -35 degrees. The trek starts from chilling and the first camp is at Sumdo at 10,390 ft and the highest camp Nayak is at 11,150 ft. A frozen waterfall is there at the highest point of the trek which is the return point of the trek. (Source: Trekking in Chadar is a very exciting experience for the experienced trekkers whereas it may test your strength and willpower if you are a newbie trekker.

Chadar trek

2. Valley of Flowers: Valley of flowers is a National park located in North Chamoli, in the state of Uttarakhand. This area is also a home of very endangered and rare animals and other species. This high altitude himalyan valley has been in the choice of many renowned mountaineers, biologists, trekkers and botanists. Located at a height of 3658 metres, this trek is surrounded by beautiful mountains with varieties of flora. The whole floor area of the valley is filled with flowers of different colours which indeed offers a pleasant experience after coming down from the peak.

Valley of flowers
Credit: wolf

3. Gangotri Gomukh trek: Gangotri glacier is the main source of water for the Ganga and Bhagirathi river. Comparatively a tough trek, Gangotri Gomukh trek is located at the Garhwal in Himalayas goes to a height of 12,760 ft. This trek goes to the Gomukh that means Cow’s mouth which is at the Gangotri glacier. This place features varieties of plants and animals and is a home of the rare blue mountain goats.

Gangotri-Gomukh trek

4. Dzukou Valley trek: A dream-like trekking route at a height of 2450 metres, the Dzukou valley trek is comparatively at lesser height then most of the famous treks in India. The valley is located at a large crater of an extinct volcano and is one the best treks in the entire North East India. The trek located in the state of Nagaland goes to a height of 8000 fts should definitely be in the bucket list of every traveller visiting the North East. 

Dzukou Valley

5. Kuari Tapovan trek: Located in the beautiful Garhwal region of India, this trek goes to an altitude of 4264 metres.Being surrounded by 7000 peaks, the trek is a home of musk deer and snow leopard. April-June and September-November is the best time for trekking in this region.

Kuari Tapovan trek

6. Kedarkantha trek: Located in Uttarakhand, this trek offers a fantastic view with an amazing experience. The base camp Sankri is located at an altitude of 6400 ft at a 187 kms drive from Dehradun. The drive to the base camp from Dehradun is said to be one of the most picturesque drives crossing through places like Naitwar, Mussoorie and many more. The trek goes to a height of 12,500 ft. Comparatively an easy or moderate trek in terms of terrain, Kedarkantha trek is one of the best choices for someone who is planning for trekking in India.

Kedarkantha trek

7. Stok Kangri trek: Comparatively a difficult trek located in the Ladakh region, this trek goes to an altitude of 6153 metres making it the highest climbable trek in India. A perfect choice for experienced trekkers, stok Kangri trek offers the majestic views of the himalayas during the whole journey.

Stok Kangri trek

8. Roopkund trek: A moderate level trek located in Uttarakhand, Roopkund trek goes to a height of 5029 metres. The Roopkund lake is very famous for the skeletons found at the bottom.The whole trek is surrounded by Himalayan peaks and iis filled with lush greeneries and is a home of numerous species of birds. Best time for trekking here is the middle of June and September-october. 

Roopkund trek

9. Goecha La Trek: Located in the North Eastern state of Sikkim, this trek will make you face to face with Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak of earth. This is comparatively a challenging trek which goes to a height of 4940 metres. This trek offers beautiful himalayan forest, a picturesque view and the clear blue lakes in the Himalayas.

Goecha La trek

10. Nanda Devi Trek: Located in the beautiful Garhwal region of India, this trek rises to an altitude of 7816 metres. Across the mountains, the Nanda Devi national park is a home of unique malayan flora and fauna. This picturesque place is an attraction for photographers, trekkers and explorers. Best time for trekking in this region is May-June and September-October. 

Nanda Devi trek

11. Markha Valley trek: Located in Ladakh, this trek goes through villages with wheat lands, streams and dry mountains. The trek goes to a maximum altitude of 5150 metres. This trek houses numerous old buddha monasteries as well as a home of ancient Tibetan culture. Best time for trekking in this region is the mid-June to mid-october.

Markha Valley trek

Conclusion: Though Nepal houses some of the highest treks in the Himalayas, the Indian side of the Himalayas also offers some of the most adventurous and picturesque treks which any trekker always seeks for.

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