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Monolith mystery:News of popping up of metal monolith structures coming from all over the globe.

Mysterious metal monolith structures are reportedly popping up from different parts of the globe. Is this something similar to those that were shown on Arthur C Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, or are these parts of any corporate campaign? Nothing is confirmed yet.

Monolith structures

Incidents of popping up of mysterious monolith structures from different parts of the globe have been all over the Internet in recent times. The first such monolith was seen in Utah which has reportedly been stolen now. Later similar incidents of seeing mysterious monolith structures from various parts of the world have been in the news. Countries like Poland recently got a lot of attention from the Internet audience after a mysterious metallic monolith structure being spotted on a bank of a river in the Polish capital Warsaw. The most recent monolith has been reported to be spotted in Budapest, the Hungarian capital.

Why so much craze about these mysterious monolith structures?

What is monolith? Why is the sudden appearance of these structures getting high attention from the Internet audience? All these questions may have come to your mind in recent days. Don't worry. Stay with us. We have featured everything you need to know about this recent development.

As per wikipedia, Monoliths are geological features consisting of massive stones, or a single piece of rock placed within a mountain or building. Netizens are relating these monoliths with those unique metallic structures built by aliens in Arthur C Clarke’s sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Are these really some structures built by extra terrestrial beings? Or is this a way the aliens are trying to communicate with us? The answer is, “we have no answers”.

2020 has been an extremely unique year for all of us in many ways. Whether its remote working, virtual meeting or starting a company, this pandemic has taught us or more correctly compelled us to adopt a very different lifestyle to that we were following so far.


Consumption of contents over the internet are at peak throughout these recent months. Anything that seems little unique instantly gets a lot of attention. This leads to a lot of content going viral recently. The recent development of the appearance of monolith structures all over the world is also not that different. This unique mysterious appearance of monolith is indeed a very unique development which has raised a lot of questions in the minds of people.


The appearance of mysterious metal monolith structures were shown in the film 2001: A space odyssey. This eventually creates a mysterious effect on presently popping up of metal monolith structures all over the world.


The internet is probably the most powerful invention humanity has ever created. Social media is the most powerful addition to it. Anything and anybody can be viral instantly. The recent appearance of mysterious metal monolith structures is indeed a very unique development which got a lot of attention from the millennials from all over the globe. Still now no proper explanation is coming out from anyone. Lets see what comes next.


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