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Instagram stories download: Are Ig stories occupying your mindspace?

Instagram stories download: Are ig stories occupying your mind space?

Social media has become an integral part of our life. Virtual is the new real. . Modern millennials are more familiar with the virtual societies than the real ones. Social media has become so powerful that it can manipulate the minds of people, control the election and make two countries fight with each other. In such a scene, Instagram has evolved as the hottest social media platform amongst the millennials. With some unique features like stories on ig, igtv and reels, instagram app has everything to keep you on the platform.

Ig stories
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What is the prime objective of such platforms? Keeping aside all the diplomatic answers, the main objective of any website or app is to maximise the retention time. And why not! After All they all are big corporations. There is nothing wrong with that. Problem is with the user. Most of the millennials fail to draw the line between getting entertained and being occupied by the app. It's called funnelling and if you want to say in a more layman language ‘trap’. Be aware of it.

Are Ig stories occupying your mindspace?

The social media revolution started with facebook being viral all over the globe. Prior to social media, there was a large gap in connectivity. Now, don't argue by giving the example of emails. For god's sake, emails are not for casual long conversations. It's possible but not as the social media does.

Facebook has now reached probably the highest numbers amongst all social platforms. Instagram has recently evolved as the hottest social media platform. Because of unique features like stories, igtv and reels, instagram has been able to attract the modern millennials. These features are so unique that all the other social platforms ended up copying these. Whether its a marriage story or a startup success story, instagram is the best platform to share your life happenings with the society.


The world is changing rapidly. Our mindspace is being filled by contents from different social channels and virtual surroundings. It's quite difficult to have a clear view on any topic. Information is polluted. Whether it's twitter or youtube, there are all kinds of views available on any topic you can name. Storytelling has always been a part of our history, culture and traditions. Every society believes in some kind of story. Stories are very powerful tools to organise human societies. As psychology says, humans can cooperate at a personal level within a limit of 150. When the number goes up, we need stories to make a large group of humans cooperate. Stories are everywhere. From large corporations to nations, all are some stories. Yuval Noah Harrari explained the details about stories in human life in his book Sapiens: A brief history of humankind. Social media platforms have just revolutionised the idea of storytelling. From very short storytelling features like reels to long video sharing feature Igtv and even the written form of storytelling, Instagram has revolutionised the ways of storytelling by adding various new age creative features like these.

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