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Importance of a to-do list to increase your productivity.

Having a thousand tasks and getting trouble in arranging them is the most common thing these days. Everyone is associated with some work and finds it difficult to manage the tasks and complete them in a given time. In this rapid world, we are surrounded by multiple tasks which have to be done in multiple styles but if you find the right path to arrange it in a particular manner you will get a sense of relief.

Maintaining a to-do list is something that can help you out in doing more work in less time. You can write and arrange the work given by your boss according to the priority which will help you in not messing up with office work. Even school going or college going students need to have a to-do list. Penning down the important assignments, homework, and projects will keep you updated and aware of the things which you have to complete by the day or in a week. If you have multiple things going in your mind and want to set it in a manner you must try using a to-do list.

Here is the list of things that you will get if you use a to-do list:

1. Helps in reducing anxiety.

A lot of work pressure makes you anxious which ultimately reduces the speed of completing tasks. It is a psychology that if we structured the daily timetable of work we find relief as work is more sorted and well planned. Taking overload of work and if it is not arranged makes us think of it again and again. In such case writing the time as well as work in particular order gives you a clear idea and helps you in reducing the pressure and feeling of anxiety. A to-do list not only gives a structured plan but also shows proof of your work in the given time which gives satisfaction.

2. Helps in saving your time.

Who doesn't want to finish their task quickly? Thinking hundreds of things in mind and figuring out what to do before and after takes a lot of time. In such a case if you have a ready made plan of things to do and when to save your time. You just have to invest 10 - 15 minutes and you can save an hour. As the design is important before making a building, the same way proper allocation of time for work is important before starting to work on them. With the help of a to-do list, you don't even need to think of the next task as it is already pre-planned.

3. Helps you being more reliable.

One more important thing which helps you with your to-do list is, you remember everything. Once you have noted everything in a list you don't need to worry about remembering the things you have to do. You don't miss any task which altogether completes all your daily work. When you achieve everything on time you ultimately become more reliable and free from any burden. Using the to-do list format on regular basis makes your work easier as you have mapped the plan already.

4. Helps you in prioritizing.

It is very important to finish the important tasks at first and then do the remaining tasks. Priority plays an important role and one must understand what to prioritizes and what not. It happens many times when we randomly start doing some work and feel exhausted which keeps our important task incomplete. But if you use a to-do list, you can choose what to do first. It gives you a clear view by which you can sort important tasks at first and plan the unimportant task later on.

Once you have known the importance of a to-do list, now is the turn to know some tips on making a to-do list.

1. Batch your task.

Most of the time we think of doing similar work at once and then move to different work. The same we have to do in this case. Make your to-do list according to the batches. The batches will be made of similar tasks, which are related to each other or similar in some ways. Another way to use this technique is to make a batch of small tasks. This helps in a wonderful way where you do small work one by one in a given time. This completes maximum work in minimum time. And the idea of batching a similar task is to make your concentration. If you do multiple tasks which are related to each other, you don't lose concentration and this helps in finishing tasks in one go.

2. Write only important.

If you feel you will mess up your concentration if you note every detail of work then this technique is for you. Here, you will note down only the important tasks that can be top 5 important tasks or top 10 according to your need. This will give you an idea of important work without scattering your focus on less important or small work.

3. Write everything.

This technique is for people who forget the thing or have a problem remembering the things. What will make you aware is mentioning every detail about the work in a list. This will take some extra time but it is always better to invest some time in making a to-do list than forgetting some important work. Be specific about every small and big work and list it down so that you don't get any difficulty remembering your work.

4. Different lists for different work.

One more way to make a to-do list is to sort your work and make two different lists. You can make one list of professional work and another list for your personal work. This will not mix your professional and personal life as well as you will not lose concentration while performing tasks of one list.


I don't see any disadvantage of a to-do list, it only gives you benefit in some ways. It helps you in blocking distractions and saves your valuable time. It is a must-try as it gives a structure to your daily activities and defines the workflow.

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