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How working from home online is redefining the millennial lifestyle?

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

“Change is the only constant. Sometimes unplanned changes lead to revolutionary results. The recent lifestyle transformation to working from home online seems to be of this kind of change.”

This article is not about work from home tips. We will be discussing the lifestyle changes due to the recent adaptation of working from home online.

Everyone loves freedom. What makes the millennials and the Gen Z people different from their older generations is not their love for freedom, but their guts to follow their dreams. Nothing to blame the previous generations here. The situations, circumstances, and socio-economical conditions were very much different then. However, the modern thought process is an outcome of the online tech revolution to a very high extent.

The formula-based traditional Indian education system has always been prescribing ‘JOBS’ as the final destination of years-long hard work. Nine to five mode of working has a very strong fanbase here. However, it’s very hard to find a ‘happy’ fanbase in a nine to five ecosystem. Anyway, the introduction of the working from home online concept to the Indian audience has become very popular in recent days. All the social media platforms are flooded with work-from-home tips shared by many. The most hated workplaces are also becoming a bit tolerable with this work-from-home model. Definitely a good sign for the whole working scene as well as for the new-age employees.

Working from home online
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Millennials are fond of freedom and flexibility. The new age people hate to listen to others’ orders. That may be a big reason why freelancing and the gig economy have started seeing high popularity in this country and other parts of the globe. Talking about the freedom factor; honestly saying, you will never be able to get that in any kind of job irrespective of how high your paycheque may be.

Working from home online is changing the daily life cycle:

Any new adaptation to our life takes some time to get normalized. However, this new concept of work from home seems to be getting immensely popular in a shorter period of time. More productivity, less stress, and most importantly more family time are all behind the high popularity of remote work.

What is remote work?

As the name suggests, any work that is done remotely can be called remote work. This is a very vast concept actually. Work from home, work from the mountains all fall under this category of remote work. With the starting of the pandemic followed by lockdown, all the big MNCs and startups were compelled to introduce the work from home model. This concept became immensely successful leading some of the big giants to ending up fully adopting this mode of working.

Like any other successful ideas, this working from home concept later got countless versions in different sectors. One such successful variation is the concept of workation. Working from mountains, working from the beaches, and working from any exotic location is way better than working at your offices or even working remotely from your closed rooms. IT companies were the first adopters of this remote working mode in the country. That may be a reason why most of the hill stations and mountain locations of this country are still flooded with people mostly from IT industries.

With remote working getting popular amongst the millennials, many startups and MNCs have now opted for complete remote-based work culture. This is indeed a great sign for startups and small companies as it reduces the operational cost by a huge margin.

Do work and life go together?

The biggest scam ever that happened in all of our lives is the hope of life getting better at every attempt of achieving more. But, sadly, nothing such happens in the real world. We are often told to study hard in our 10th so that life will be better after the 10th. Then we are asked to perform well in JEE and other entrances so that we can get a good college. During college also, the traditional crowd pressurizes us to work hard to crack some good companies, and the cycle repeats. But we never get any kind of happiness and satisfaction anywhere in this rat race. Are we doing something wrong? It's high time to find some answers to this.

The toughest part of professional life is to maintain the balance between your personal and professional life. Believe it or not; a job is a form of slavery. The more time I am passing in this job life, the stronger my belief is becoming in this. Anyway, we were after all discussing lifestyle changes with remote working. See, talking about the work-life balance, we must agree that this new adaptation has improved to an extent. But, again extended work hours have again given rise to other problems too.

Remote working leading towards a flexible lifestyle:

The best gift of remote working adaptation is the flexible lifestyle. Now the question arises about the kind of flexibility it provides. Don’t expect that you will be filled with the highest level of happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment once you are asked to work remotely. Nothing such happens actually. The only positive side is that you now have more time to spend in your home or maybe have some chances to stay in the mountains for a long period of time.

Jobs where you work alone:

Remote working works excellent for jobs where you work alone. Team-driven jobs however face some difficulties in remote communication and other team works. But for jobs where you work alone, this is the best mode of working. It does not matter from where you are working. You just need a laptop and an internet connection; that’s it. Roam around the world and work; who can ever hate such a work-life?

You are getting more time for your own work:

Frankly saying, hardly any job can offer a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. But monetary angle appears as a big restriction to pursue one’s passion. It’s impossible to follow your passion with an empty stomach. One big development we have seen in the last year is a high number of millennials leaving their jobs to pursue their passions. Most of them are pursuing freelancing and a very high number of them are earning much more than they used to in their nine to five job life.

With remote working becoming normal, millennials are now getting enough time to pursue their passions and side hustles. Remember, nothing can make you more satisfied and happy than being able to do what you love to do as a career.

You have more savings:

Earning is not the most important part, the most crucial part is how you retain the cash flow. The real meaning of remote working is being able to work remotely. It can be your home, mountains, or any other location. However, in most cases, it gets limited to working from home online. As the remote working mode gives you the flexibility of working from your own home, a big part of your monthly expense gets into the saving mode. While talking about expenses, it includes mostly your daily expense of commuting, meal expenses, and other outdoor expenses. We never realize, but this is a huge amount and now it goes directly into your saving bucket.


Like any other new practice, working from home online also comes with both pros and cons. The cons are mainly limited to its technical limitations only. However, the need of the hour is definitely remote working and in the coming days, this mode of working seems to get opted as the main mode of working. We are surely going to update you all about the new developments about this topic.

Do comment below your own version of remote working experience and feel free to share any work from home tips.

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