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Exploring Health issues in Working Mothers

Women are considered to be the individual doing most of the work in the family. Our society has distributed the working culture broadly as men will work outside who is the bread earner of the family, and women are considered to be handling household work. Now, when women are also stepping out of the house and doing great in cooperate world the expectations are still kind of similar. Women have to take care of the family and handle other work at home and then have to leave for their office. This ultimately leads to stress, anxiety, and other such problems.

Talking about mothers who work outside, have to deal with a lot more problems. Handling the child, and looking after their lunch, school, and education is altogether a challenge. Strong family support and a cooperative child can make this a bit easier for the mom. But where all these things are not given enough importance, the mental health situation of that mother becomes unstable.

In this article, we will discuss all issues the working mothers face and how to overcome them:


Women doing household work is not given enough importance. But we know being a housewife is not an easy job. If we talk about a working mother she has to handle all this work and look after her child which makes her work for a whole day. Most of the new moms do not even get 7 hr of sleep at night. Feeding the infant frequently, taking care, and rushing to the office keep the mom involved overtime which in the end becomes the reason for stress and anxiety.


Due to lack of time working mothers fail to take care of their diet. Constant work pressure doesn't allow them to eat at the proper time. Therefore snacking at any time or when they have time is a very common thing. This irregular time of eating leads to putting on weight.

Another inappropriate thing that is practiced by working mothers is packing unhealthy things in tiffin. Mothers have to do dozens of other work, and due to this, they are unable to make a completely healthy meal for themselves.

Weight loss:

Where there are moms who gain weight, some have to face weight loss too. Nutrition deficiency is the major cause by which working mothers lose a few kilos. Lack of protein, iron, and vitamin-rich meals are the main reasons for this problem. Slow eating makes it possible to extract the nutritional benefits of food but, unfortunately, working women just gobble up and rush to work.

Mental Health:

Working mothers are more likely to face emotional and physical exhaustion. This exhaustion is mainly caused by the work done for excessive time. A study shows, as compared to men, women get more suffered from burnout.

Often working mothers serve their time in professional work, taking care of children and meeting the needs of the family. In this constant race of fulfilling all the roles as mother, family member, and employee, she forgets to look after herself. While taking care of everyone around her she fails to recall she also needs some care, rest, and attention which slowly starts developing mental health issues.

Long-standing pain:

Continuous screen time increases sitting time and also increases backache and headaches. Working professionals have to stick to their chairs for a whole day long and when that ends, pending household work has to be completed by the mothers. This constant wondering between professional and personal tasks ultimately gives chronic back pain and severe headaches.

What can be done?

1. Working moms need to be aware of the fact that if they will be physically fit, they can take care of others easily.

2. Taking out time for self-care and giving attention to self-needs also matters.

3. While caring about physical health, looking out for mental peace and mental stability is also equally important.

4. Putting yourself in front of others is not always a selfish thought.

5. Healthy and nutrition pack meals are your best friends.

6. Add some sort of physical workout to keep your energy high throughout the day.

7. Normalise seeking help from friends and family.

8. Discussing your problems and involving your close ones in them will give you more clarity and help you find solutions.

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