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EVs: Can it be the common man's solution for ever-rising fuel prices and increasing carbon emissions

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

The electric vehicle industry has seen a sudden burst during recent years all thanks to the ever-rising fuel prices from a common man's point of view and the aspect of global warming in collective thought. Can it be the solution for both? What do you think? It can be a yes or some can say a no too. However, I am of the opinion that the EV is one of the many solutions available.

This blog will substantiate my opinion based on certain facts and statistics.

Today the effect of carbon footprint has been considered as one of the severe causes of pollution thereby leading to global warming. Moreover, the carbon footprint scale of each person has been doubled recently as per the recent analytical studies. This is because of the aspects of deforestation, use of fossil fuels becoming doubled up and the unorthodox practices by we humans which have added up to it. Thereby, it should be of everyone's concern to reduce their carbon footprint in the world and a collective effort towards it can be beneficial in the long run.

Although EVs are efficient solutions to reduce the carbon emissions from vehicles the aspects that you should consider is the pricing. Electric vehicles fall into the premium level of vehicles available considering the normal gasoline-powered ones. The cost of the battery and the motors available have added up to this. Moreover, even if the commute on these vehicles will cost nothing compared to the conventional vehicles, people all across the world are hesitant to buy an EV even if it's cost efficient. Let me provide you an example: the Tata Nexon EV, one of the most sold EVs in India, is priced up close to 14 lakhs. However, the petrol or the diesel version of it starts from around 8 to 9 lakhs.

This explains the cost range of the vehicles. Similar patterns can be seen in other manufacturers where they post the prices of EV at a higher rate. Although many people may argue that since EV can run at a very low fuel cost compared to the conventional ones it would tally up and as per the statistics EV will be more beneficial. But, ya that is true but you should pay the initial cost at the purchase which will come as a burden for almost all the middle class as well as the people under it. In addition, it's a known fact that the major percentage of the people all across the world falls under the middle-class status or below it therefore, the burden will be extreme.

Another aspect that pulls back buyers from EVs is the aspect of its range. At the maximum as per the ratings by various authorities, it can go up to an average of 300 km on full charge( this an average range as per the current technology). However, the rage may be high on another premium brand EVs available. But there is the limitation of rage which is extremely low compared to conventional vehicles. In India, the EV charging stations are available all across the country but are limited to urban areas reducing the capability of long drives and outings. Most of the Indian families only own a single car and the chances of that being an EV are extremely low due to the aspects of the range. Therefore making them prefer the vehicle to run on fossil fuels.

What is the solution?

The main aspects will be the ability to manufacture EVs with more reliable and cost-efficient solutions which will reduce the cost. As mentioned earlier the statistics on the cost of an EV is very much higher compared to diesel or petrol run vehicles. In addition, the authorities could install charging stations all across the country, which can be government-owned or privately owned no matter what, promoting the usage of EVs throughout the nation. Furthermore, the automakers should bring in a variety of models with moderate and affordable pricing providing the customers with the same features available in the conventionally fueled vehicles and even more. Additionally, further researches should be conducted on the aspects of power storage and generation to improve the range of the vehicles. With all these reforms we will be able to attract more buyers to electric vehicles.

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