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E 69 highway: The last road of the world where you are not allowed to go alone

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

To see the northern lights live is surely on many of your bucket lists. Besides natural, there are many unique human-made things too which are very unique and very less explored. The last road of the world or most popularly called the E 69 highway is one such unique place on earth which indeed demands a visit from you at least once in your lifetime.

Why is it called the last road of Earth? Why are travellers not allowed to walk or drive alone in this road? How does E 69 become the last road that connects Norway with the North pole of Earth? All these questions might have come to your mind. Stay tuned. All your doubts will be cleared as you proceed with this article.

Norway has always been on the bucket list of every true nomadic explorer. This country at the northernmost part of the world has everything a true traveller looks for. From picturesque icy landscapes to the Northern lights, many of your bucket list points will be ticked out here. The last road of Earth or popularly called the E 69 road has its own stories of existence. This very unique road is so mysterious that travellers are not allowed to even walk or drive alone.

E 69 highway
E 69: The last road of the world

What is E 69 highway? Why is it called the last road of the world?

European E 69 highway in Norway is the only road on Earth that will take you as close to the North pole as possible to go by road. This unique highway connects Olderfjord with the Northernmost part of Europe, NordKapp.

This 129 km long highway passes through many picturesque landscapes. The E 69 highway passes through 5 tunnels throughout these lengths with the longest one having a length of 6.9 km.

Though this road is very mysterious due to its unique location of existence, this E 69 highway offers the view of many picturesque landscapes, sea views, and of course ice throughout its length. The ride on this highway will be stored in your memory box as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With a lot of viewpoints throughout the journey, this road is a must-try for every driving enthusiast.

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Why is nobody allowed to go alone on this E 69 road?

Everything has its own pros and cons. E 69 highway is also not different from this. You are not allowed to go alone on the last road of earth. But why? Is it dangerous to go alone? The answer is both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

Due to its unique geographical location of existence, this last road on earth is subject to high wind and extreme cold. The weather is very unpredictable there. You can find snow even in summers. As it passes near the coastline, weather becomes more unpredictable as it changes suddenly in a drastic manner. The Northernmost side of the roads remains closed during winter.

Driving on this road is not advised in heavy snow and rain as storms are not uncommon here. Due to its unusual weather conditions, travellers are not allowed to walk or drive alone on E 69 highway, the last road of the world.

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Feb 04, 2021

So the length of the longest tunnel gives its name.. sigh

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