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Himachal Pradesh: A Quick Travel Guide.

The most visited tourist place which is surrounded by mountains is Himachal Pradesh. Being located at the height, Himachal Pradesh gives spectacular view and hence it is a top priority of many couples to plan a destination wedding here. It gives a beautiful backdrop, enough greenery, and snowy mountain peaks at seasons. Himachal never fails to meet the expectations of its tourists. No matter whatever you have imagined, it always has something to offer more than your imagination.

The thrilling beauty of Himachal can only be felt going to that place. There is no surprise that it is one of the most visited states on the northern side of India and you will be in love with this place in no time.

Best time to visit Himachal Pradesh:

*The Summers and springs of Himachal bring an amazing view and enhance its beauty. Which makes them the most visited season for tourists all over the world. The spring and summer in Himachal are from early February to June.

*The month from October to February is a treat to see the snowfall, mountains covered with a snowy blanket, trees turning white, and freezing temperature. Which brings on fun ice and snow sports. Skiing and ice skating are some of the top attractions of tourists coming to Himachal.

*The summer season is loved by people who want to take adventures experience. Tracking the sky-touching mountains, camping in deep forests, and doing many water activities are some of the favorite things which people love to do here.

*July to September has less rush and is generally avoided because rains suddenly change the condition of mountains and which sometimes results in landslides.

Seasonal temperature variation in Himachal Pradesh:

*In the summer season temperature ranges between 5 degrees to 24 degrees. You can see a nice blend of snowy mountain tops in some regions and a ray of good sunshine in the daytime. This is the most preferred season for planning a destination wedding in Himachal.

*In Monsoon the temperature varies from 14 degrees to 21 degrees. For tourists, starting days of monsoons are only preferred.

*Winter in Himachal has freezing cold which varies from 0 degrees to 13 degrees. This is the most challenging as well as the amazing time to experience breathtaking cold weather and eye-catching beauty.

Let's take a look at some of the most visited and worth seeing places in Himachal:

1. Manali

This is the most popular city when people come to Himachal. One can never miss adding Manali to their visiting list. The cultural heritage and tradition in Manali are a treat to see. This city is the perfect example of maintaining the culture and showing its tradition in this generation too. It is 22 km from Naggar which is a town of ancient times and is situated at the bank of river Beas. As the name suggests "the valley of gods", has many temples which are made a long time ago and considered as a divine place to worship.

Places to visit in Manali:

* Hidimba Devi temple is a must-visit place in Manali. Which has stone walls and is made in the 16th century. Hidimba is the wife of Bhima, who is amongst the 5 Pandava brothers.

* Wildlife sanctuary is another attraction point, as it is a paradise for animal and bird-loving people.

* Ancient castle which is now converted into a museum. It has splendid wood carvings, metal crafts, and architecture. It shows a perfect blend between local culture and its history.

* Market of Manali is visited for purchasing local handicrafts works. Which includes Shwals, sculptures, kesar, and woolen wears.

2. Shimla

Being the capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is also a cultural and educational center. It's a big city which stretches around 9.2 km. Shimla is home to many temples and churches which are visited by millions of tourists every year. November to February have a huge number of people coming here to experience snowfall. 247 km from Manali, Shimla is a place where houses are made in neo-gothic architecture. This city is surrounded by deep forests which are common of oak, pine, and deodar.

Places to visit in Shimla:

* Mall road is the most famous street in Shimla. Where you can see a number of cafes serving mouthwatering Indian food along with the pahadi food and stores selling local clothing.

* Skiing and other snow sports have a huge crowd in winter.

* Kali Bari temple situated at betony hill where goddess kali is worship which is made 100 years ago. It is just the perfect place to see the beauty of the city from the hilltop.

3. Dharmashala

18 km uphill from Kangra is a town called Dharmashala. Surrounded by pine and cedar forest, Dharmashala is an amazing location to visit. It is one of the most visited hill stations on the northern sides of India. Divided into parts, the hilly area is called upper Dharamshala, and the city near the foot of the mountain is called lower Dharamshala. October to June is the best time period to take a glimpse of this place. On an average elevation of 4780 ft, the city is located at the mountain top which gives the best view to inspect the surrounding.

Places to visit in Dharmashala:

* Dhauldhar hill at 8km distance is a starting point of trekking which is usually considered after winter ends. It has a combination of green and white mountains which is a treat to watch.

* Dharmashala is famous for rivers, streams coming from mountains, and waterfall which is absolutely loved by the travelers.

4. Dalhousie

Dalhousie is a Switzerland in India. 1970 meters above sea level, the city is famous for dense forests, waterfalls, mesmerizing valleys, and beautiful landscapes. This place can be visited any time of the year and does not stay closed in any month. But most preferred months to visit Dalhousie are March to April. These days of the year make the mountain even more beautiful when the sun is bright but the atmosphere still remains cold.

Places to visit in Dalhousie:

* Churches in Dalhousie are surely the best place to go. The colonial touch can be easily seen in many of the churches which add its beauty.

* Dainkund peak is the most visited place in Dalhousie. It is the highest peak and gets most of the snowfall in winter.

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