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An Intel on Your New Year’s Travel-2021

With the year 2020, the take on health and financial circumstances seemed gloomy and unpromising. The worst hit was the situation in the travel industry by far. Many countries continue to implement travel bans while others have softened them, given the local COVID-19 scenario at the time. Nevertheless, the virus continues to be a bottleneck while performing the simplest things and this calls for new ways to adapt.

New Years Travel - 2021
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The idea here is to minimize risks of cross contamination and travelling safe. We have compiled the most helpful tips from famous travel bloggers to help you with the ongoing quarantine survival if you love to travel frequently.

The first step, without any denial, is to adapt, adapt and readapt. Yes, just like the virus itself. In the beginning of this year, all the fellow travelers and travel bloggers thought it would be here for a little while and we will be out again doing what we did. As the time passed, we learnt to adapt to changes like, wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, keeping 6 feet away from humans, and carrying sanitizers and disinfectants along. All these are now widely accepted norms.

After giving in to all that, here are a few tips for you to make the best of your time as the New Year looms ahead:

Tip 1:

Stay updated but do not over-stress

Watch news only twice a day to stay updated and spend rest of the time unwinding and eating immunity boosting foods.

Tip 2

Time to organize your old stash

Organize and declutter your travel stash. Organize, edit and print old photos. You can print them out via online services to avoid any human contact. When there is a will, there is a way.

Tip 3

Work from home if you can

Consider work-from home if you are allowed to do so. This would save unnecessary human interaction, traveling-to-work costs and you can eat home cooked super healthy lunch on the bright side. All this can help you save money for a trip lined up next year after COVID-19 ends.

Tip 4

Spend some not-so-productive time

It is okay not to be a workaholic at times. You body needs time to heal and buckle-up its immunity. Eat immune boosting foods, spend time finding out health of your friends and family, and exercise indoors while you can. All you need is a new COVID-19 schedule to stay in shape and feel fresh despite being home-bound.

Tip 5

Live for today

We all have seen how unpredictable life is. Cherish the small things in life, ponder and be thankful. Fill yourself with gratitude and positivity to feel healthy and discover your true self from within. Do not plan a marathon when you do not know what lies ahead of the next 2 km.

Feel healthy, stay happy. And here is wishing you a very Happy New Year!


Travel sector is one of the worst hit sectors during this pandemic. With the starting of mass vaccination drives in different parts of the globe, the scene now starts coming back to normal. But it's always better to take all the precautions while travelling as we are not completely free from the virus as of now.

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