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Best sunset in the world: 7 picturesque places to view sunset in India

The Sun is the lifeline of our solar system. Our biological cycle revolves around sunrise and sunset. The kaleidoscopic scene of the sky during the time of sunset hypnotizes everyone. Whether you are a mountain lover or a beach lover, you are a sunset lover by default. There are some places in the subcontinent region which offer some spectacular views of the sunset in India. So, search ‘best sunset near me’; and rush to the nearest location to have a spectacular evening.

Sunset in Jaisalmer
Credit: Unplash

The time of sunset is not the same in all parts of the country. The sun rises and sets early in the North Eastern part of the country and sets late in the Western and Northern parts of India. It's actually difficult to say what time it is sunset in India. Though India is in a single time zone, the time of sunset is different in different cities of the country. Now you may be curious about where sunsets first in India? or where is the last sunset in India? Arunachal Pradesh is popularly known as the land of the rising sun of India. The earliest sunset of the country happens in Arunachal Pradesh and the last sunset of the country is observed in Maharashtra.

7 spectacular places to view the sunset in India:


Watching the sunset amidst the horizon of the widespread Thar Desert is a dream of every travel enthusiast. This view just cannot be missed. Sunset at the dunes is photographers’ favourite. During the time of sunset, the whole place turns into a dreamland with the camels walking nearby. If you are travelling to Jaisalmer this time, try to witness this picturesque sunset at the Sand Dunes at any cost.

Tajmahal, Agra:

One of the 7 wonders on earth, Tajmahal has always been at the top of the priority lists of every foreigner visiting India. Along with witnessing beautiful Mughal architectures, this place is a perfect spot to view the sunset. The beauty of the Tajmahal gets magnified during the time of sunset. If you are a photographer visiting Tajmahal, you are at the right place. Enjoy the sunset, click some photos and create lots of memories for lifetime.


Uttarakhand is known as a heaven on earth. Sunset in Mussoorie is a photographers’ paradise. View of the Sun getting vanished in the dusky horizon forming a winterline just cannot be missed. If you are visiting Mussoorie this time, search priorly ‘what time is Sunset today?’ and plan accordingly so that you can witness this very rare kind of sunset on earth.


We always talk about the gorgeous views of sunset from the mountains. Mountain lovers like to brag about their experience of witnessing countless sunsets from different mountain peaks. But the beaches also offer spectacular views of sunset, the vibe is different though. Goa is a beach lovers paradise. Anjuna beach is one of the many famous beaches in Goa, which offer a spectacular view of sunset. So, next time you are in Goa, be at one of the beaches during the time of sunset to witness a heavenly experience.

Rann of Kutch, Gujrat:

Sunset at the Rann of Kutch is one of the most beautiful sunsets in India. If you are a solo traveller or a photographer, this place is a must visit. Experience the sunset amidst the salt marshes of Kutch. This place is considered as one of the best places to view sunset in India. This will be a very different experience. You can visit during the days of Rann Utsav which is an yearly celebration of the rich heritage of this region.


Rajasthan is such a place where even after visiting multiple times you will feel a different every time. Pushkar is 151 kms from Jaipur and it will take approx 3 Hrs to reach there from Jaipur. Pushkar camel fair happens every year in November. You will be able to witness the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan along with the gorgeous view of the sunset from the Aravali mountains, if you visit this time.

Umiam Lake:

The North Eastern part of India is still underrated and very less explored. The sunset at Umiam lake is considered as one of the unique sunsets in India. The sky along with the lake forms a mysterious view during the time of sunset which may be haunting for some. One of the best places to view sunset in India, this place should definitely be in your bucket list if you are visiting India this time.


Sunsets have always been the favourites of photographers. Both mountains as well as beaches offer spectacular views of the sunset. These 7 places we have listed here offer some of the best sunsets in the world. Whether it is Sam Sand Dunes in Rajasthan or the mountains in Mussoorie, sunsets at these places are just cannot be missed at all.

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