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Best places in India that must be added in your bucket list today to travel after this lockdown

India is a country full of adventures, thrills, differences and proud histories. What a traveller looks for exploring in a country, all that comes under an umbrella called India. This country has always been the first choice of explorers from all over the world. From North to South, East to West and South East to North East, the language, culture, traditions and lifestyle change drastically in every state of the country. 


The year 2020 came with a lot of surprises. The covid 19 outbreak is the biggest threat humanity is going through in 2020. Whole country has been under lockdown for more than 4 months now. This year has turned into the worst year for travellers. Most of the travellers had to cancel their bucket list travel planes scheduled for 2020. Travel industry has also been affected a lot. Let's hope for everything to get restored soon and plan for some trips to some amazing unique and best places of the country after this lockdown.

7 best places to travel in India after this coronavirus lockdown:

1. Nagaland : Best location for an off beat solo traveller who wants to explore unique, less travelled and culturally rich destinations. North east part of India has always been less explored and mostly neglected in travel packages offered by various travel companies across the country. Best time to visit this state of the country is the 1st half of december. Hornbill festival happens every year in the first days of december. You should plan your trip to the North East in such a way that you can attend the Hornbill festival during your journey to this part of the country.


2. Ladakh : Ladakh is a heaven for bikers and solo explorers. The ride from manali to Ladakh is said to be the best ride inside the country and has always been in the bucket list of all bikers. Besides biking, lots of other sorts of adventures can also be experienced in the valley. Plan for a trip of 10-15 days for Ladakh to experience all the adventures. Best time to visit Ladakh is the mid of the year ( April to September). So plan your trip accordingly to have the best experience of your life.


3.Atari border : Plan your Independance day and Republic day celebration at the Wagah- Atari border. Beating retreat happens there everyday between the two countries. Border Security force of India and Pakistan Rangers take part in it. This is the most unique and the most thrilling border celebration in the whole world. Plan your trip to Amritsar during this period so that you can dedicate a whole day for the celebration. 


4.Himachal : Himachal is a paradise for all kinds of travellers. Be it for a solo traveller, a college group or for a honeymoon couple, Himachal is a heaven. From experiencing the snowfall in Manali to a thrilling ride to the Spiti Valley, Himachal should be your top choice in your bucket list. You can plan your trip anytime of the year to experience all the shades of this beautiful state.


5. Arunachal : This North Eastern state has its own significance in the travel scene. This state has a lot  to offer to its travellers. From the various tribes, their cuisines, traditions and their unique lifestyle to the greeneries, this part of the country is totally different from the other parts of the country. Very few people in the country know about the various music festivals that happen in Arunachal every year. This part of the country is very less explored, less exposed to limelight and very few travellers have visited this place so far.


6. Jaisalmer: Don't call yourself a traveller if you haven't visited Jaisalmer yet. Jaisalmer is the best place to travel in India for a solo traveller, for a group of travellers and for couples too. This place still has the unique golden charm from the Maharaja’s time and the old town vibes can still be seen in the city. Jaisalmer palace is still a mystery and if you like to experience some thrills, there is an abandoned village called Kuldhara which is believed to be haunted and you can give it a visit. Jeep safari, Camel ride and watching the sunrise and sunset sitting in the desert are lifetime experiences. Don't forget to have a taste of traditional Rajasthani dish “dal bati churma”.


7.Jaipur: Rajasthan is heaven for all kinds of travellers. Jaipur can be covered in two days if you are having a time constraint. Cover the Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, City palace Albert hall museum on the first day itself and Jalmahal, Amer fort and Nahargarh Fort the next day.

If you have more days in your travel bucket, you can visit all the markets like Bapu bazar, Johri bazar, Maharani market of the city. Don't forget to have a taste of  the traditional rajasthani cuisine.


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