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Best itinerary to cover Jaisalmer in two days as a solo traveller

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

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Two days in Jaisalmer may seem like a short period of time but if you plan your trip systematically, you can cover almost all the locations of Jaisalmer in two days. I did a solo trip to Jaisalmer for two days recently and I have covered all the prime locations of Jaisalmer in just two days. I have shared my itinerary here and by following this, you can easily cover Jaisalmer in two days.

Jaisalmer fort

Jaisalmer,the 'golden city' as popularly called is situated at the western most part of India sharing boarder with Pakistan. Jaisalmer has been attracting tourists from all across the globe because of its unique golden charm and the old town vibes all across the city.

The Jaisalmer fort map

If you are planning to travel solo for two days, Jaisalmer is the best choice to start your solo journey. So plan your two days in Jaisalmer in such a way that you can visit all the locations and also get enough time to socialise with the locals.

The maharaja's bedroom

Besides the heritages of the 'Jaisalmer Fort' and Thar desert, Jaisalmer has a lot to offer to its visitors. Jaisalmer shares boarder with Pakistan.The 'longewala Yudh sthall' and 'Tanot Mata Mandir' are the two locations you just cannot skip at all.

If you are planning a trip to Jaisalmer for two days as a solo traveler, this two day itinerary is the best to cover Jaisalmer in two days.

Two days in Jaisalmer(Day 1):

If you are travelling from Jaipur by bus,you will reach Jaisalmer 'Hanuman Chauraha' by 9 AM in the morning. So after getting fresh, your day will start nearly from 10 AM. Dividing the whole day in two half's considering your first half will be ended by 2:30 PM.

The first half till 2:30 PM,

1.Jaisalmer Fort: This is the prime location of Jaisalmer.The fort is situated on a hill. Maharaja Jaisal Singh established this fort and this is the only living fort in the entire world where nearly 4000 people still live.

Jaisalmer fort

You can roam around the fort by yourself or you can hire a guide for approx 500 Indian rupees(minimum) for better understanding.

The throne of the Maharaja

There will be artists inside the fort area performing traditional art forms. You can enjoy that and may also join them.

Artists performing traditional Rajasthani folks

Artists performing at the Jaisalmer fort

There is a cannon at the topmost floor of the Jaisalmer Fort from where whole city can be viewed.

the canon at the topmost floor of the Jaisalmer fort

View of Jaisalmer city from the Jaisalmer fort

The last railway station from the Indian side can also be viewed from the top most floor of the fort.

After visiting the Jaisalmer fort you can visit the forts of the diwans. Three hawelis are there namely

1.Diwan Nathmal ki haveli

Nathmal Ji ki haveli

2.Salim singh ki haveli

Salim Singh ki haveli

3.Patwon ki haveli

Patwon ki haveli

These activities will take nearly 2 hours.Now you can move to another location Gadisagar Lake. It was a rain water conservation lake built by maharaja Rawal Jaisal, the first king of Jaisalmer. If you still have time,you can enjoy boat ride there.

Now have a meal of traditional Rajasthani 'Dal Bati churma' at one of the traditional restaurants near the fort.

Dal Bati Churma

You can also visit the 'National Handlloom Emporium' near the fort.

Time will be approximately 2:30 PM by then. Now take some rest and be prepared for a trilling journey through the desert.

2.The second half: You can rent a bike or you can accompany other travellers on your journey.

I booked a cab with two other groups for the ride.Your first location will be "Kuldhara haunted village". This is an abandoned village from the Maharaja's time.Residents of nearly 11 villages reportedly disappeared overnight during that period.The village is still at the same condition.

Temple at the Kuldhara Haunted Village

Click some photos with the abandoned houses and start your ride towards the "Thar desert".

Kuldhara haunted village

Kuldhara haunted village

3.The Thar desert: Now you are in the second largest desert in the world. You can book a Thar for Jeep Safari. This will be the most adventurous Jeep ride you have ever experienced. They will took you far inside the desert.The sunset is a must to enjoy during this ride. Sit on the sand and watch the Sun sets. Trust me this is a completely different experience you just cannot miss.

Thar desert

Now your cab will take you to your desert camp. These tents are situated in the mid of the desert. Take some rest and move to the common area where traditional cultural events take place. Enjoy the traditional cultural night followed by traditional Rajasthani dinner.First day of your trip ends here.

Rajasthani folk dance show at thar desert

Cultural programme

Rajasthani traditional cultural show

Two days in Jaisalmer(Day 2):

Wake up early if possible by 6 AM and be ready for the most thrilling camel ride.At 50 Indian rupees,they will offer you a ride for nearly 15 minutes.If you pay extra 400, they will take you to the shooting location of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and 1965 war time boarder pillers. Time will be 9 AM by then.

Camel at Thar desert

Camel safari at Thar desert

The Thar desert

Come back from the desert and start your journey to Tanot Mata Temple and "Longewala Yudh Sthall", the two most important locations of your trip.Book a cab and start your ride. You can take meal at some amazing traditional roadside dhabas in Ramgarh on the way. Longewala is nearly 200 kms from Jaisalmer. I couldn't cover Tanot Mata Temple due to shortage of time so plan your trip considering the time factor.

Play some old hindi songs on your car and feel the vibe of the ride while passing through the Thar desert. You can see wind mills everywhere along with the largest television tower of the country.

Jaisalmer-Longewala highway

Tanot Mata Temple: This mysterious temple came into notice during the 1971 Indo Pak war as no mortars and bombs fired by Pakistani army blasted inside the temple campus. This temple is now being taken care of by Boarder security force. Alongside the temple there is a Mazar of pir baba. Give this place a visit.

Longewala Yudh Sthal: The place where the most accurate operation of the Idian Army took place where only 120 Indian soldiers of the Sikh regiment leaded by Major Kuldeep Singh Chandpuri defeated a whole tank regiment of Pakistani army consisting of nearly 3000 Pak soldiers. The destroyed Pakistani tanks are still there at the same condition.

Captured Pakistani tank in 1971

Captured Pakistani tank

Captured Pakistani vehicle

The bunkers of the Indian army and the small route connecting the bunkers which were built in a short span of time during that day are still in same condition. Some anti tank mines are still there and therefore some of the locations are barricaded by wire.

Indian bunker

Route used to communicate between bunkers (Indian side)

There is a war museum now where you can see the captured Pakistani weapons and other equipments.

Longewala War museum

Longewala War museum

The famous radio which Dharamveer Singh used to contact Major Kuldeep Singh about the Pakistani tanks is still there.

Border Security Force shows a documentary of 16 minutes about the longewala war in the auditorium.

These lines

Take some photos with the captured tanks and the Indian Bunkers and now you are ready to return back to Jaisalmer. Your trip ends here. Your bus will start by 5 PM.

Take the seat and enjoy your journey to Jaipur carrying some sweet memories.

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