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Best clinical psychologist near me: The best platform for online therapy and counseling.

How to find a good clinical psychologist near me? This question was repeatedly coming to my mind a few days back when I was trying to approach for help online for my stress & anxiety issues. Just like most of you, I was also not much aware of the various psychology disciplines including clinical psychology and definitely didn't have any idea about whom to approach for my kind of issues. It's a common problem many of us face. The whole therapy concept is a very new thing for us and it definitely will take some time to get familiar with it. However, platforms like FlyingPepper have made it easy to book a session with a highly experienced clinical psychologist, and that too at an affordable rate. Don't think much, if you are facing any kind of issues related to mental health, just book a session by clicking here.

When to approach a clinical psychologist?

You must be familiar with the term 'psychologist'. This is a generic term. But there are many branches to it to which very few of us are aware of. Starting from counseling psychologists, clinical psychologists to some specialized domains like rehabilitation psychologist, health psychologist, community psychologist, developmental psychologist, etc. All these terms will hardly be familiar to a common man. So, whenever someone visits the site to book their first therapy session, they get confused at first seeing different specializations with the therapists’ names. We also get a lot of queries like who is the perfect choice for their kind of issues, when to approach a counseling psychologist, when to go for a clinical psychologist, etc. Let's clear these doubts.

So, basically, a clinical psychologist is trained with various therapy methods along with academic training. They receive a wide range of training in psychopathology and clinical diagnosis which make them capable of handling a wide range of cases ranging from anxiety, depression to bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other major depressive orders. In general, counseling psychologist works with healthier patients than their clinical counterparts. From a layman's perspective, if we want to conclude it simply, you can approach a counseling psychologist for milder or moderate issues. You will need a clinical psychologist for disorders like OCD, ADHD, etc. Just search 'clinical psychologist near me' on google or you can book directly by clicking here.

Why is it important to take help?

See, we all are fighting our battles. There are many battles we are fighting internally along with our regular struggles. It's not possible to handle all the issues happily every time. There are times when you will feel the need to talk to someone, share your feelings or if possible to get guidance. Loneliness is a serious problem. It seems possible to overcome it by self but in reality, it affects your mental health very deeply. Talking to someone and sharing your thoughts make you feel relaxed and give you a feeling of having some support. After all we all are social creatures, we are not designed to survive alone from an evolutionary perspective. So, be okay with having issues, but never be okay with not approaching for help.

Help is everywhere:

The best thing about the internet is that it revolutionised every sector including the mental health segment. A few years back there used to be no therapy or emotional support platform online. Now, there are many platforms offering such services. Getting help is not at all an issue now. The real issue is finding authentic help. The high charge is also a serious problem for which many middle-class youths or college kids have to stay away from approaching for help. Both of these issues are solved very effectively with FlyingPepper. Whether you want to have a session with a counseling psychologist or you need support from a clinical psychologist, there are nos of profiles listed on the platform. The only thing you have to do is, book a session with a therapist of your choice. Other things will be taken care of by the platform. You don't need to worry about not having a clinical psychologist near you, just visit the site & have a session with any of the therapists. Remember, the first step towards getting better is to approach for help.

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Feb 10, 2023

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