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Youtube ted talks: 7 best Ted Talks by Indian speakers that will make you think differently

Have you ever landed at a suggested youtube video and ended up watching multiple videos unknowingly. This happens with TED talks. TED talks feature the best of the best speakers from different domains around the world. TED talk has featured many Indian speakers too. Need inspiration? Watch some TED talks videos on Youtube, you will get some.

Indians are always known for their talents and hard working nature. Many Indians have made it big in their respective domains. It's always an inspiring experience to get to know them, their struggle, Journey and achievements. TED talks give you an opportunity to listen to them, get to know their experiences from themselves and to have a conversation with them sometimes. 

Here are 7 best curated TED Talks by Indian speakers from the ocean of YouTube: 

1. Pranav Mistry:

You will have a jaw dropping as well as an inspiring experience while listening to this genius computer scientist from India. He holds a post graduate degree from IIT Bombay and a Phd from MIT, USA and currently at a position of CEO and President of Samsung Star Labs. His TED talk on the six-sense technology is a must watch.

2.Nandan Nilekani:

Known as the father of the Adhar Card program in India, Nandan Nilekani is one of the co-founders of the Indian IT giant Infosys. He won Padma Bhusan in 2006. He is a philanthropist too. Nilekani was listed in the top 100 list of most influential people in the world in 2006. He shared his dream and ideas about the future of India at a TED talks event which is a must watch. 

3.Roman Saini:

Roman Saini is an Ex IAS officer, AIIMS doctor and presently the founder of the newest unicorn in the Indian education sector Unacademy. He shared his experiences in a TED event where he talked about the trick to crack the toughest examinations in the world.

Listen to him here:

4.Devdutt Pattanaik:

Patnaik has authored more than 30 books and 600 columns on modern adaptation of mythology. He has work experience of more than 15 years in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. He currently switched to this new career where he emphasises on decoding mythology and the hidden significance of mythological stories to the Indian audience.

5.Surabhi Gautam:

Despite being from an orthodox village in Madhya Pradesh, Surabhi Gautam is now an IAS officer. She had cracked multiple prestigious examinations like the IES, BARC, ISRO etc before becoming an IAS officer. She has shared her journey, struggle and challenges in her talks. You can watch it here.

6.Adhitya Iyer:

A columnist, blogger, public speaker, entrepreneur and yes an engineer too, Adhitya Iyre was listed in top 30 student entrepreneurs in India by NEN. He tells his three mistakes of his life as being good at studies, good at math and being ended up at an engineering college. He talked about the hidden stories about the Indian education system at a TED event. You can watch his speech here:

7.Vinay Menon:

A software engineer turned standup comedian from Kerala, Vinay Menon is a professor too. He focuses mostly on observational humours in his acts. He has shared an humorous explanation about the myths of the Indian education system. Watch his TED event here.


TED events are very insightful, interesting and a great medium to learn something new. There are numerous videos on YouTube by Indian speakers featured on TED Talks. These seven TED Talks by Indian speakers are inspiring, interesting and definitely worth watching.

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