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"Will try skydiving next", says the viral paragliding man~FlyingPepper

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Social media is a crazy place, you can become an overnight sensation without knowing of what you have done.We all have fear and fobia of something and sometimes we try to fight it.

Credit: The Indian Express

Such an incident happened when Vipin Sahu,a 24 year old tile showroom owner from Banda Uttar Pradesh has become an overnight sensations across the country and in some neighbouring countries too. Vipin was on a trip in Manali with his friends and 3 of his friends already tried paragliding. After insisted on repeatedly by his friends and his self will to fight his fear of height he agreed to try it.

Once he was on the sky, he can be seen panicked and repeatedly asking the instructor to land him back.He even can be seen regretting his decision to try paragliding. As soon as his video went viral, he became a 'meme' material instantly. Internet is flooded with memes related to this incident and still in trending.He doubts one of his friends circulating the video which became a trending topic.Vipin says it was a horrific experience but he want to do skydiving next to fight his fear.

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