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Why ‘Internet nomad’ is becoming the newest favourite of the Indian millennials!

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

The traditional practice of studying hard and then ending up at a high-paying nine to five job leading towards settlement is nowhere a favorite thing now amongst the millennials. With remote working becoming mainstream, offices are now losing their fanbases. ‘Internet nomad’ is the newest concept that is becoming immensely popular amongst millennials all over the globe.

Internet Nomad
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Work covers a larger part of pi of our daily life schedule. In the majority of cases, working somewhere is not a result of following one's passion but a result of monetary needs, influence of a status-driven society or maybe being unaware of various possibilities available.

What does nomadic mean?

The meaning of nomadic has changed over the years but it's still the same at the very core of human psychology. Our means, goals, and reasons have changed of being a nomad, but at the core, it has always been about wandering and exploring. The concept of ‘Internet nomad’ is becoming popular amongst the millennials day by day. When you don't need to go to the office and of course without the need of resigning, who won't love that? Being an internet nomad offers you the flexibility of working from the mountains, from the beaches, and even from the tribal villages. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the availability of the internet.

Why is the ‘Internet nomad’ becoming the newest favourite of the Indian millennials?

The massive use of the internet in India started hardly 10 years ago. Still, the majority of the country is far from the reach of the internet. But, with massive penetration of the internet through various farms and MNCs, hopefully, a large number of the country’s population will be on the internet in the coming years.

Internet nomad is a concept that arises from the internet. The ongoing pandemic is a big contributor to the working remotely movement in India. With the IT, Content, and Digital marketing companies going completely remote, new concepts like a digital nomad, workation, and staycation have become extremely popular amongst the Indian millennials.

Being a digital nomad has its advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages are negligible though.


Remote working offers you the flexibility you always craved while being stuck in boring offices. Work from home has its disadvantages too. But here is the solution. Remote working doesn't necessarily need to be a work-from-home practice. You can work from anywhere like from the mountains in Himachal, from the beaches in Goa or from the serene hostel tops watching the Ganga view around. Bloggers, digital marketers, and even the IT guys are opting to be a digital Internet nomad these days.


Getting high productivity requires concentration. Honestly saying, whatever cool your office is, getting better productivity is less probable compared to working from a serene, calm location. A digital nomad is an amazing concept. This allows you to stay in a serene, calm location and let you work remotely being surrounded by pristine, picturesque views around. Jobs with flexible hours sound cool but how about flexibility in time frame with the flexibility of choosing a location as a workstation. Being an internet nomad will allow you to have this lifestyle.


In simple language, the term workation means working while enjoying vacation. You can either be staying in a hostel dorm, in a hotel, or maybe staying in a cottage near the mountains. As the popularity of ‘digital nomad’ rises so is the popularity of ‘workation’ and ‘staycation’. Internet nomads can now easily be found working remotely in any of the hill stations, beaches, and places like Rishikesh and Dehradun. The whole style of working has changed with the adaptation of remote working.


Humans love freedom. The majority of the people stuck in a nine to five are certainly not choosing this career path out of their passion and interests. Money is a big factor in deciding the career path of most of the millennials in India. In such a scenario, the concepts like a digital nomad, internet nomad, workation, and staycation have become immensely popular amongst the millennials as these choices allow one to have some freedom, flexibility, and better productivity even being stayed in a job.

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