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What makes Twitter the best social media of 2020!

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

How much time do you spend on social media in a day? Majority of Indian millennials spend most of their time looking at their phones, being active on various social media platforms. Most of them are super active on social media platforms like FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube. It's quite difficult to portray a particular social media platform as the best amongst all as all of these platforms have their unique set of audience. Twitter is the platform that has emerged as a platform of the intellectuals in recent years.

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What makes a social media platform better than the others? Certainly, not the number of people using it. A social media platform can be considered as a good one depending on what value it adds to the society, what types of contents are being circulated on the platform and what kind of contents the algorithm promotes on the social media app. A platform is defined by the people using it and the types of contents that are being circulated on it. FaceBook has been turned into a polluted mass media now. All types of contents are being shared on Facebook, from philosophical, psychological to Bollywood memes. Majority of the Facebook audience have shifted their interests to Instagram in recent days. YouTube is a platform which is visited by people for learning purposes, entertainment or for getting information. 

What we consider in calling a social media the best, all these ingredients are mostly fulfilled by only one social media at present, that is Twitter. So, we have to say Twitter is the best social media of 2020. Don't agree? Stay with us. 

In this article we will discuss what are those factors which make Twitter a better social media than all the other social media at present.

Bonus: You will sign up for a Twitter account. 

What makes twitter the best social media of 2020!

1. Sharp points: Twitter allows only 280 characters. So whatever you have to say, you must explain under 280 characters. This compels one to express his thoughts in a to the point manner. Nobody wants to read the whole paragraph to know the message at the end. Twitter is the best platform to get the instant breaking news, opinions and thoughts of someone. A perfectly written tweet is much more precious than a long written blog post. A tweet has so much power that it can make you a celebrity overnight and also can destroy your career too.

2. Less bullshits: Nobody will agree to this. Whole of twitter is filled with tweets on political controversies, hatred against someone and all the fake news and propaganda. But, it's the people who are sharing these. Instead of following these political accounts, you can follow people who tweet about life, about their observations of the world, the thinkers, philosophers, entrepreneurs and even psychologists too. The contents we consume frame our thought process, our visions and our perspectives towards the world. Consuming quality contents will help someone in growing mentally as well as intellectually.

3. Sarcasm: The level of sarcasm you see on twitter, is impossible to be found on any other social media platform. Twitter is called the platform of the intellectuals. This element of intellectuality is impossible to find on any other platform. One of the biggest advantages of twitter is the direct connection to the author. Any level of popularity the author has, you can reply to him and in most of the cases the chances of getting a reply back is a surety. 

4. Users: A platform being good or bad depends on the people using it. Leave aside those hate spreaders, all of the world’s successful entrepreneurs, thinkers and philosophers are active users on twitter. They tweet regularly on different topics. You don't need to read a book to understand the perspective of the writer, just follow him on twitter. You will get to know a lot about his thought process, about different perspectives and also a lot of knowledge.

5. Flexibility: Twitter is the most flexible social media at present. Anything you write, you have an audience. People blame twitter for spreading hatred in the society. But, these are the people, who are spreading hatred on the platform. Twitter as a social media is quite flexible. You can find people from different domains on the platform. From philosophers, entrepreneurs to cheap bollywood actors, everyone has an audience.

Conclusion: One of the most famous modern philosophers on twitterNaval says, " most powerful humans of the 21st century are those who create algorithms of social media". They indirectly controls the minds of the people. Twitter is the only platform that offers flexibility, sarcasm and an intellectual environment. Certainly twitter is the best social media at present.


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