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What does ASMR mean? How the whispering videos of ASMR artists have become the newest sensation!

Ever thought that whispering into a camera could earn you millions of dollars? No, not a story from an alien planet. This is happening in this world itself. ASMR videos of people whispering into the camera are becoming massively popular on YouTube. ASMR Glow, Gibi ASMR are some of the highly popular ASMR artists all over the globe with millions of followers following them. But what does ASMR mean? Stay tuned.

Source: GIBI ASMR YouTube

Doesn't it sound strange? Melodic whispering, some hand movements and the sounds of scratching, ear cleaning can earn you millions of followers. In most of the ASMR videos that are available on YouTube, a girl can be seen whispering with some soft hand movements telling some stories or just talking randomly to the audience.

The digital world is changing rapidly. YouTube is a platform where millennials spend a lot of their time whether learning something, consuming entertainment or relaxing. There are many corners in the YouTube world which are very less explored. ASMR is one such genre which is very less explored both from the creator perspective as well as from the consumer perspective. Very few creators are doing ASMR contents which are now becoming extremely popular in the US and in other parts of the world also.

YouTube ASMR is going to be the next big thing in the digital content space.

What does ASMR mean?

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response which is a feeling that people experience in response to some sounds or visuals. In most cases, the responses are against some soft sounds, activities like brushing, ear cleaning and whispering. The sensation first starts at the scalp and then slowly gets transmitted to the other parts of the body.

ASMR glow and Gibi ASMR are two of the most famous asmr artists at present. Both of them have contents featuring gentle whispering, soft talking and other tingling activities like ear cleaning, scratching etc.

Microphone is a crucial part of an asmr video. As these videos are made to provide sensations and tingling effects, a proper microphone is an essential part of it to provide a real world experience.

This is still an alien concept for the Indian audience. As I was searching over the Internet about asmr in India, few channels popped up on YouTube. But their reach is very low. Compared to the international asmr channels, Indian asmr channels have very low audience numbers.


The effects of an asmr activity vary from person to person. Some individuals dont get triggered at all. With almost non existent scientific explanation to it, asmr is explained in different ways. Some want to explain it as a sexual trigger.

But why will someone watch an hourly long video of anyone whispering on YouTube? That's weird right? It starts with random scrolling or random autoplay and then being interested in it. Loneliness is also a big factor of someone spending hours of his time watching such videos. What may be the reason, this is an interesting genre and in next coming years surely we will be able to see more content creators in this genre of ASMR.

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