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Water drinking myths and facts about it, What should you follow?

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

The healthiest drink and the one which is needed for humans to survive are certain of the terms coined for water. The controversial gesture by Cristiano Ronaldo during a press meet by removing Coke bottles has added to the depletion in stock prices of Coca Cola and we could say that he has directly promoted drinking water over any other soft drinks. Drinking clean water is still considered a never achievable dream for many countries as they are being underdeveloped. Water scarcity along with pollution in water bodies and drastic climatic conditions have paved the way for clean water shortage in many parts of the world. It's evident and a fact that we need water to survive but the necessity of clean water is even more as unclean water will contain microbes and life-threatening toxic chemicals which will be helpful.

From detecting traces of water in the moon and looking out for another inhabitable planet with water availability the need and necessity of drinking water is inevitable for survival in case of looking for a sent habitable planet in the universe. If not, just remember those long summer days during your childhood where you came home to clean cold water after school and drank almost a full bottle of it and that cooling sensation which no other soft drink can provide. Today water is one of the most economical as well as effective sources of fluid that help you to be hydrated. But it will not be the case tomorrow as the depletion of clean water sources is increasing day by day. The availability of water is on the verge of being a sacred natural resource to humans. Therefore, you should save every drop of water that is being lost and implement water conservation as well as recycling methodologies at your homes, offices, and in your locality.

There are various myths and facts regarding the aspect of drinking water which will affect health, here are certain of them.

Daily water drinking limit

Water drinking myths
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Drinking low levels of water will affect your body directly, as does excessive water drinking. As always extreme as well as the lower level of consumption of water or any food ingredient will be having major repercussions on your body. You need to maintain it at a level as per the condition of your body. One of the most followed and advertised myths about drinking water is that you should intake 8 glasses as a daily water drinking limit. This is the one followed by most people all around the world. The fact about drinking water is that the water intake levels should be able to keep you hydrated throughout the day. For some it might be lower than 8 glasses or some over 8 glasses of it, it majorly depends on body types, region, and the climatic condition in which they live.

Water removes toxins from the body

Another aspect that most people believe is that drinking water flushes down toxins from the body and to an extent it is true. As the kidney uses water to dissolve and excrete out certain toxins developed in the body and if you do not consume your average limit of water the kidneys do not have any fluids which can be used throughout the excessive toxins.

Moisture in the skin and anti-aging effect

Moisture in the skin and anti-aging effect
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Many people believe that drinking more water will help you keep moist skin and add to the anti-aging aspects. This is actually a myth because the moisture of the skin is dependent on external factors such as atmosphere, temperature, based on washes or baths, and internal oil glands which cause the oil levels in the skin rather than the internal amount of water present. Furthermore, the water consumed will not reach the external levels of the skill rather it's absorbed by the internal organs. Additionally, the amount of water that you drink has little or almost no impact on the aging aspects of your skill and therefore, it does not add up to youth fullness.

Drinking water for weight loss

Drinking water for weight loss
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Although drinking more water will not aid with the direct impact on weight loss but it indirectly adds up to it. Water consumption will add up to the digestion of the food intake helping you to have a good digestive system. Especially the digestive systems are made to be active as benefits of hot water drinking. Many people tend to drink a glass of hot water in the morning rather than taking up on coffee or tea helping them to relieve the constipated feeling. Further, the more water you consume will always provide you the feeling of being full and thus lowering the food you intake. Additionally, as water does not contain many amounts of calories it's better than drinking any other sugar-induced drinks or alcohol.

Sports drinks are better before a competition where you need high energy.

This is actually a myth because water itself can do the job of providing you with an effective supply of nutrients as well as helping you to keep hydrated during the training process. Furthermore, as it's cheaper than most and provides you with a clean source of energy required for your body, today most athletes prefer water over other sports drinks.

Reuse of plastic bottles to drink water

Reuse of plastic bottles to drink water
Source: Unsplash

You should never be drinking water from plastic bottles, say the studies conducted on the aspects of water consumption and containers used to store them. At the initial stage after packing the bottles are marked with an expiration date which not only depicts the expiration date of water it holds but also the bottle used. As the toxins in the plastics start to get dissolved into the water after multiple usages will cause harmful health effects. Therefore, it's better not to use plastic bottles for the consumption of water, rather you can follow copper vessel water drinking as it is associated with advanced health benefits. In addition, drinking water from utensils made from soil earthen pots and containers will make the water cool and provide you with a refreshing feeling.

Ways to consume water effectively?

It's not that you consume more amount of water a day but what really matters is when you consume it and how you consume it. You should have a water consumption routine that makes you intake water at certain levels during exact intervals during the entire day. Do not wait until you are thirsty as the thirsty feeling on your throat and tongue will be based on the temperature and the food you have in-took. It's better to set up a water drinking reminder app on your phone and there are tons available, where you can set your goals reminder duration and get hydrated throughout the day.

One other practice to follow is to drink water right before going to bed as it will help with digestion and after you wake up which will be helpful in losing the extra toxins from your body. It's always better to opt for water than any other carbonated drinks or soft drinks as it will benefit your health. Consumption of only water will not help you to keep hydrated but the consumption of fruits and veggies containing huge amounts of water content will be beneficial.

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