• Nitul

Warning:11 signs you are wasting your college life which can destroy your future to a great extent.

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

College life is the most important phase of one's life.You may be wasting your college life by doing all the unnecessary and unproductive things without even realising it .Wasting these four golden years of your life can destroy your future to a high extent.

Most crucial phase of a student's life is the period of transition from his school life to college life.The shift from a fixed,diciplined system to a life with a lot of freedom is totally challenging for students.During the initial days, students waste a lot of time by doing the things that are not at all necessary and fully unproductive due to lack of guidance.

Signs that you are wasting your college life:

1.Joining multiple clubs: Clubs and societies are integral parts of college life.Joining a club of your interest is very important at the initial days of your college.You will meet a lot of people there which is helpful to build a friend circle with same interests.Clubs and societies help you to nurture your talents and give you a platform to showcase your talents.But joining multiple clubs just for the sake of joining will be a complete waste.It will decrease your interest which will lead to resign from the society or clubs you joined.

2.Wrong friend circle:Without friends, you cannot survive your college life.College life is all about friendships.But being surrounded by the wrong guys is very dangerous.You will end up with regrets.Always be very selective in being friend with someone.You are completely wasting your college life if you are still surrounded by people who always inspire you to do all the wrong things. It can destroy your future too.Always be friend with someone who pushes you forward, not brings you down.

3.Ralationship:The kids from schools start chasing girls desperately once they are in college.Relationship is good if it helps you chasing your dream, improves you as a person and make you feel happy.Otherwise a complete waste of time.Students in college want to be in relationship just for the sake of showing it up to others which later turns into a nightmare for them.You are wasting your college life to a great extent if you are still running after someone keeping behind all your goals and ambitions.Dont be mad for a relationship.If it happens, fine.Otherwise be happy with yourself.Never rush after anyone in life.

4.Learn new skills:Your college life will be a complete waste if you do not learn any new skills in these four years of time.You have a lot of free time.Utilise it to learn some new skills.Skills can be anything like coding which can help in your professional life later or guitar which will help you to keep your mind free from stress.Dont waste these years by doing nothing which you may have to regret later.