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Want to earn online? The ultimate guide to start a blog in India in 2020.

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Now a day most of the online businesses rely heavily on SEO services for the advancements of their websites. Blogging is one of the most efficient ways to promote your website. Do you have an idea for blogging? A blog is simply an online magazine where a blogger or blog contributor, can quantify their thoughts, opinions, ideas, or anything else bloggers want people to learn about.

Blogs are sometimes referred to as weblogs because they are a type of website, often managed and reviewed by a person with continuous events, status descriptions, personal descriptions, or other tools such as images or videos. Entries are usually displayed in sequential order.

In India Blogging is become the growing trend these days. In the past couple of years, blogging in India as well as usage of social media is incredibly increasing day by day. Some young Indians are now doing blogging as a business and some of them earn income which exceeds the annual pay of executive-level workers.

What is blogging?

Blogging is all about showing yourself and sharing your knowledge and information online. It doesn't bother if you write a blog for lifestyle, business, or fashion; the fact that you are blogging when you want to include other people in your world.

Why do people use blogs?

Because they allowed individuals to review it on regular basis and to tell stories, students started following the blogs of persons they knew. People also started following different blogs whether the author has a charming style, or had an interesting theme, or some other reason. This is to maintain the information obtained from the author and the student, or the company, and its readers. Sometimes people just obey them to see what sort of clash or confrontation the writer is starting to produce

How to Start Blogging in India?

Here are some steps to start a blog:

  1. Choose about the blog you want to write

The selection of your title is a core step because you will require to do keyword research to find the right phrases that you can identify as a good domain name. Attract as many readers as possible and having them back is your aim. For this, you have to post on regular basis and you have to deal with issues that students/readers want to listen about. Select a topic you like so that daily posting won't be boring. And the title should also be interesting.

2. Pick a domain name

Your domain name will be your online identity, does not matter what you choose. It is your special blog address on the Internet. Your domain will be yours as much as you can pay an annual fee ($ 10 to $ 15 each year on .com domain).

Customers who have information about your domain (/ URL - the same resource area) can usually write it in their address bar of the browser. Some will be able to find you by search engines such as Bing and Google, so you certainly require to search for a different name.

Your domain name can be the most famous “dot com”, either in-country or niche. A common principle is to use the domain as “dot com”, but some extensions may work. Such as, “dot blog” or “dot net”.

  1. Get Hosting

If you go with my suggestion and bought your domain, you will require to be hosted. If you don't want to take my advice you can ignore this section (you may regret it later!). I suggest HostGator. If you think you would like to blog and have a plan to have more than 1 domain, you should plan for "Baby" as this will provide you to hold an infinite number of domains for $7 per month.

  1. Connect Your Domain and Hosting

For many people, this is one of the most confusing ways of knowing how to start a blog. Your domain is like an online host and you require to pin it to the server that runs your blog files or website. Your files are saved on your server (at HostGator or any other hosting company of your choice). Domains are identified on servers that use something called "Domain Name Server" or DNS as a short name.

If this looks very technical, don't need to be worried, it's very simple. When you sign up for your hosting, you receive an email from them in which they told you about your Name Servers. Simply sign in where you have to keep a record of your domain and fill in those in the right place.

  1. Advertising Strategies.

Yes, blogs require visitors on the internet and it is very crucial that you also get visitors for blogs who may be interested in your niche or title. In this way, you can sell something to them in an easy way. If you are interested in taking your blog to one level higher where you can make more money then you should understand and know a lot of marketing strategies to work.

  1. Keywords.

Keywords are the key to get your blog indexed to search engines and the higher your ranking of the search engine, the more your chances of getting traffic to your website. The reason that there are millions of websites already available online, you should make sure that you can rise to the top of search engines and make your blog observable to more online viewers to maximize your blog's revenue.

  1. Updated content.

Last but not least, you should have uploaded the updated and important work as well. Good websites sometimes offer something useful, something fun, and something where people can get answers to their queries and concerns, so ensure that your blog can give one or more of them and also ensure that your blog contains updated information.

Best Blogging Apps for Smartphones:

With having all the aforementioned options, you can choose many apps from them. It will take some time of yours to think which apps are more useful for you. Moreover, we will give you some words we think you need to try. Some apps will not of your use and may prove not valuable for blogging, while others can change your life for the better. There are a few mobile apps that make it easy for you to keep active in the blogosphere; doesn’t matter wherever you are. We've made a list of some popular blogging apps for mobile and we assure you that these are the best out there.

You don’t need to worry whether you have iOS or Android, we have the Finest Blogging Apps for iPad, iOS, Android, or whatever.

Blogging on Instagram:

I strongly have faith that blogging on Instagram is one of the most crucial things you can do with advertising your business. That doesn't mean you should ignore big drivers like Pinterest and Google. But when it comes to finding loyal followers and viewers, then it’s all about Instagram.

Instagram provides a platform for you to enlarge your community and your business and remain in touch with readers in such a way that is hard to do on other platforms. Using your Instagram correctly will permit you to increase your blog traffic and enhance your sales significantly.

Many individuals take initiative to start a blog on Instagram to sell products outside the way. If this is your aim, you can start your blogging with Square Online without any cost. It has an easy setup way, and you don't need to pay a penny until you sell something. This is ideal for Instagram bloggers who do not have months to create a full e-commerce store. Get started for free from today

Blogging on Facebook:

A great communication tool and you can use the app to communicate with your friends. The Facebook app also provides you the capability to communicate with any of the groups you are a part of on Facebook.

Facebook Pages - Facebook pages are extended to Facebook and the Pages app provides you the ability to connect with people who love your page. You can update your status and edit future posts with the pages app. You can share photos on your page with your app.

Blogging on Twitter:

Another social networking app that lets you connect with your fans. Twitter permits you to follow companies in your niche and remain in touch with them. Twitter also provides you the ability to connect with other people in your niche by following them and responding to their posts.

Blogging on Blogger:

Google developed a free blogging service name as “Blogger”. It provides a fast and easiest way to blog for non-tech-savvy users.

Blogger is one of the first available blogging platforms. Pyra Labs first launched this platform in 1999. In late 2003, Google obtained Blogger and rebuilt it as the product we’ve known till now. All you require is an account on Google to start a free blog on Blogger

Blogging on WordPress:

WordPress is the most well-known platform for blogging on the Internet for sure. This app, tailored to custom WordPress blogs and blogs hosted on It permits you to perform many important tasks like editing, creating, publishing blog posts, analyzing analytics data, managing ideas, and publishing photos or videos captured by your mobile phone’s camera.

Blogging on Tumblr:

It is a fun experience of blogging with Tumblr. In addition to this, Tumblr is where you can show yourself, discover for yourself, and even be more responsible than your interests. Whether it's philosophy or fan base, you can remain in touch with people with similar interests as you on Tumblr. Post videos, photos, quotes, sounds, articles, or links; you have a lot to gain. Create your GIFs if you want and upload them as stickers and text as you like.

You can customize your Tumblr by adding various fonts, layout, and cool colors. Follow the titles you are interested in and find the ones you are not aware of. You can connect the community through sharing your knowledge and understanding methods to make the post more interesting.

Now, do you have an answer to that blogging? Those who can take full advantage of blogging, they find it extremely interesting. Also, blogs can financially provide benefits to your business and company. On the other hand, you will get negative feedback if you express your frustration or anger on your blog. Maintain your blog clean and get rid of negative comments will help you in the building of a good image. And it will leave a great impression on those people who read your blog.

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