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Want a hustle free ride? 7 tips to keep in mind before booking a bike on rent

Going on a trip to Ladakh is a dream of every Indian bike lover. Who doesn't want to feel the calmness and serenity of the mountains while exploring on two wheels. But taking your own bike out for a ride of very long distance may be a tedious task sometimes. Here you will feel the necessity of renting a bike. Some points are necessary to be kept in mind before taking a bike on rent. There are numerous service providers in every city who offer bikes for rent. Being aware of every aspect of bike renting will save you from any kind of scam or fraud while taking a bike for rent.

Bike on mountain roads
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Travelling to a new destination, exploring the unknown and roaming around on the streets contains a lot of thrills and fun. The feeling of riding a bike on curvy mountain roads amidst the picturesque landscapes is just out of the world. But there are a lot of things to keep in mind prior to taking a bike out on mountain roads specially for the guys with less experience of biking. The journey of yours depends largely on the type of bike you are taking on rent and of course on some other factors too. Don't worry. We are here to help you with choosing the right bike for your ride. Stay tuned. By the time you complete this article, you will be a pro at choosing the right two wheeler for any kind of trip.

Some tips to be kept in mind before taking a two wheeler for rent:


The first thing to decide is what type of two wheeler you are about to rent. Ask yourself what type of vehicle you are comfortable with. It varies from person to person. You may be a scooty person, bullet lover or a huge fan of superbikes. You shouldn't go for a bullet without any experience of riding it prior. After all, it's totally up to you.


Renting service providers will give you the bike with a fuel level barely sufficient to ride to the nearest petrol pump. Check priorly the fuel level. Calculate the amount of fuel that may be needed for your trip and refill accordingly.


Before taking the bike out, it's very important to make a video of the vehicle covering every part of it. Many times it happens that the owner tries to scam you with old scratches and other issues. Having a video of the vehicle prior to the delivery can help you to be saved from such scame.


Don't try to experiment with the vehicle. Never go for a stunt or race with a rented vehicle. It may backfire. Choose the bike you are comfortable with and with prior experience of riding. Don't go for a superbike without any experience of riding it.


Keep your documents handy. Renting service providers generally ask for an Identity proof which they keep with them until you return your bike. Don't go to the streets without a helmet and a proper Indian driving license. Check the vehicle documents before taking the delivery.

Ask for a trial:

You cannot know the quality of the vehicle before riding it. Many times, lots of defects get noticed after being on streets. It's better to ask for a small ride like a ride of 100 metres. Some may refuse but trust me most of the service providers will allow you to have a short ride.


Don't just trust blindly on whatever the bike provider is saying. They will always say good about the quality, performance and riding experience. Try asking multiple service providers about the rates and everything and if possible try to compare the rent of different vehicles online. Scammers are everywhere. Try to be at the safer side by knowing the best you can about the renting scene in that particular place.


The best way to explore a place is by riding on the streets. Riding a bike puts you in a subconscious zone of freedom which a solo explorer always looks for. Bike is the perfect mode of exploration for a solo nomadic traveller. But it becomes quite important to choose the right bike for your trip. A number of things are needed to be kept in mind prior to taking a bike on rent. These tips will certainly help you to choose the perfect two wheeler for your exploration or sightseeing next time .

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