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Understanding Millennial Mindset: How are Millennials Different from Previous Generations

Ever wondered what might be going on in the minds of the present generation? What would be their thoughts and aspirations? What might be their ideas about future? The present generation which is also called Generation Z has unique traits and interests and they are very different as compared to the generations which came before. Youngsters today are well educated and independent. They think independently and undergo significant social and cultural shifts.

It is important to understand how millennials want to work and spend their lives so that we can understand them better and create more engagement with them – be it in the workplace or at home.

Below are some millennial trends that you must know to get a better idea of how to mingle with them and communicate with them effectively:

1. Millennials Want Minimalism:

Young people these days value simplicity rather than materialism. They don’t buy unnecessary stuff and name it as “crap”. Millennials are often impressed with the benefits of living with less. They are more focused on spending less rather than owning things and live more responsibly. They emphasize on decluttering and improving their lifestyle by reducing the stuff around them. Millennials are focused on purchasing fewer items that are more durable and of better quality. They seek usefulness, simplicity, and clarity. They are not hampered by non-essentials and maintain a clutter free environment.

2. Millennials Love to Travel:

Today’s generation are crazier about travelling as compared to the previous generations. The millennial generation spends most on travel. They don’t just travel for fun; they travel to gain more experiences from life and enjoy life to the fullest. The young generation today believes that the main purpose of travel is to enjoy relaxation and to experience new food and different cultures. Millennials often look for meaningful experiences which can help them learn and grow. Travel gives them a great relief from work, stress and daily routine and they relish themselves in new surroundings.

3. Millennials Like to Be Treated as Grown Ups:

Today’s young generation is becoming independent. Unlike the older generation, they are more intelligent and understand things easily. They don’t like to be taught or scolded. They act like adults by dealing with things sensibly, competitively, and realistically and prefer to figure out things themselves rather than asking someone to help. They have enough courage to face any challenge in life and do not fear failure. Youngsters place much more emphasis on individualism and focus on doing things that can take them ahead in life.

4. Millennials Emphasize More on Mission:

The new generation focuses more on mission rather than money or anything materialistic. They think proactively and are motivated to improve the existing situation and make it better. Earlier generations concentrated mostly on finishing their studies and getting to work so that they could earn money and look after their family. But the current generation concentrates more on the mission and are focused on working for the betterment of the company they work for.

5. Millennials Believe in Smart Work Rather Than Hard Work:

The youngsters of the present generation are smart enough to get things done easily in a more systematic, efficient, and adequate manner. They don’t believe in working hard to get desired results. They rather spend their time on automating stuff and try getting things done easily and automatically. Millennials value a healthy work-life balance and are simultaneously career-focused. They have a different approach towards work because they believe in smart work rather than hard work as preferred by our previous generations, but the fact is that they are more productive and work with intense dedication and get loads of work done within a short span of time.

6. Millennials are Technologically Strong:

Today’s young generation is the world’s most advanced generation in terms of technology because the youngsters have grown up totally immersed in a world of digital technology and millennials today are more connected to the world through social media. Millennials adapt faster to the internet. It is evident that even the small children these days can operate computers and smart gadgets with great ease even without anybody teaching them how to use it. Millennials believe that technology can be used to perform almost every task and that technology makes life easier.

7. Millennials Crave to Have Their Own Business:

The millennial mindset has undergone a huge transformation in terms of making life secure. The millennials think about life in a long run and therefore try to secure their future right from the beginning. Many of them start their own websites and business right after they get into a job. Some of them think of it as a side hustle and some of them take it as their life’s dream. Youngsters do not depend on a single source of income or a simple career path. Instead, they are highly motivated and are eager to become famous by becoming entrepreneurs.

8. Millennials Desire to Learn Quickly and Move On:

Millennials are interested in learning new stuff always and they want to learn everything quick. This generation expects to learn as much as possible in minimum time and then quickly moving over to something more challenging. They don’t stay at the same place for a long term. They have no tolerance for something which is not beneficial over time. They focus on inculcating new skills that would be beneficial for them throughout their career. They don’t stay in a place where they don’t see any improvement.

9. Millennials are Wellness Conscious:

The present generation is the most conscious generation till date. They have awareness of healthiness in their diet and lifestyle and consider eating healthy food. Millennials take care of their physical and mental health by practicing fitness activities such as walking, meditating, aerobics, Zumba and Yoga to keep themselves heathy. The younger generation is more ethically conscious and socially responsible. They are more concerned about living sustainably as compared to the older generations.

10. Millennials Are Honest and Open Minded:

Millennials are very honest in almost every situation and expect the same from people around them. They maintain honest relationship with their family, friends, and colleagues. They also maintain transparency in their workplace. Youngsters are very clear in their choices and opinions. They have instant answers to any question and do not hesitate to prove themselves. They do not tolerate lies or conspiracies. They are very straightforward and appreciate frank opinions and honest feedbacks.

11. Millennials are More Practical and Confident:

Millennials are influenced only by proven results and not by any other means. They are interested in processes that work with speed and convenience. They are confident enough and believe that they can accomplish anything, and nothing is impossible. They don’t fear about failure. They implement all their ideas easily and work hard to get the desired results. They know what they are good at and where they want to go. They search for opportunities and make use of them rather than waiting for opportunities.

12. Millennials are Not Bond to Any Rules:

Millennials are judgmental and take their own decisions. The earlier young generations were forced to follow a set of guidelines which were set by their parents and mentors and were punished if those rules weren’t followed. But that’s not the case for the present generation. The millennials do not like to follow any rules, they hate being judged or corrected. Young people today want to live life according to their own preference and do not tolerate any interference or hindrance in their work. They want to live their life with full freedom and happiness.

13. Millennials Like Adventures:

Today’s young generation is crazy about adventures. Millennials today love to explore new, exciting, and unusual things and try out every new stuff. They want to experience every aspect of life. Millennials are quite daring and courageous to take risks and enjoy adventures. They are energetic and want to gain the most challenging experiences of life by exploring the world. They want to live their lives to the fullest, have a lot of fun and cherish beautiful memories. We can say that millennials are adventure seekers.

Final Thoughts:

Today’s youth is being brought up with the best – be it the food, clothing, lifestyle, or technology. They are considered the most educated and knowledgeable generation till date. The emerging technology has made them even more strong and brilliant. The millennials are outperforming and leaving behind all the previous generations through their intelligence and advancement in technology. They are focused on changing the way the world works and this generation will soon be the most dominant population in the near future.

The youngsters are the future of the world, so they need to be very innovative, energetic and enthusiastic. They need to explore each and every aspect of life and accept every challenge that will make them even stronger. Training the millennials in a proper way by understanding them can bring out the best in them.

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