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Top 10 Techniques to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the opinion you have about yourself and your abilities. It can be influenced by factors like your confidence, your identity, and your sense of belonging. Self-esteem can be high, low, or somewhere in-between.

Low self-esteem

Having low self-esteem might mean you aren’t confident in your abilities, your personality, or the value you bring to others in your life. Low self-esteem might be caused by:

  • not feeling a sense of security in life

  • doubts about your gender, sexuality, or body

  • feeling like you don't belong with your family, friends, or colleagues.

Good self-esteem

On the contrary, having good self-esteem means you have positive beliefs about your abilities and your place in the world. It can be caused by:

  • being confident in your ability to create change and withstand challenges in your life

  • a sense of confidence and pride in your identity

  • feeling like you belong in your family, school, or group of friends.

We all need to have a little confidence when it comes to dealing with others, and the more we understand how to improve our self-image, the better we will feel. There are many different techniques that you can employ to increase your self-confidence. The key is to identify what is keeping you down and then do something about it.

Top 10 Techniques to Boost Your Self-Esteem
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Here are 10 ways to boost your self-esteem.

1. Be objective

People with low self-esteem are more likely to compare themselves to other people and consider them superior to themselves. But, take a moment to examine yourself from the perspective of others. Although it may sound strange, stand with your back against a mirror and hold another mirror in front. Next, look at your reflection from the side. From this detached point of view, you can see yourself as you would see a stranger, helping you to realize you're not as overweight/unattractive/poorly dressed as you think you are.

2. This is Your Life

If your self-esteem is low, look back at your achievements and past experiences. Take a look at your baby photos, school yearbooks, and certificates of education. Take a look at photos of your memorable holidays, graduation photos, and drawings from when you were a child. These mementos serve as a reminder about your life and the variety it offers. This exercise may help you see that you are actually quite brilliant, intelligent, successful, and happy.

3. Five Positives to Highlight

Low self-esteem can lead to a tendency to focus on the negative aspects and attributes of your life. A dull routine that is boring can lead to low self-esteem. It can feel odd to change your routine if this is the case. Instead, write down five positive things about yourself every day and shout them out. Although it may seem embarrassing or silly, this will help you see that you have so much more to offer than you thought.

4. Have A Social Media Detox

It can be destructive to look at the profiles of your peers on social media. While it is human nature to want to compare and aim for perfection, being constantly exposed to photos and status updates that portray a 'perfect' life can make you feel low and have less self-esteem. People tend to display only the best parts of their lives, which is like an advertisement. But who are you to say that they don't look at your profile and feel the same jealousy, admiration, or envy? For a few weeks, you can do yourself a favor and leave Facebook behind. Spend some time on your own profile if you find it difficult to use Facebook. Jeff Hancock, Cornell University's researcher, found that people who looked at their Facebook profiles felt more self-assured and confident.

5. Read Your Diary

A good way to laugh and boost self-esteem when you're having a bad day is to look through an old diary. You may have kept one when you were a teenager or when you started school. However, there will always be some cringe-worthy material. It's easy to smile when you see how far you've come since your embarrassing moments at school, dating, or university.

6. Talk to Yourself

Low self-esteem can cause you to feel like your positive energy is going to the wrong person. Mind recommends that you 'get in the habit of thinking positive thoughts about yourself to yourself. Stand in front of the mirror before you leave the house for work or out on a night. Make it seem like the mirror is a friend. Comment on their hair, skin, and complexion as you would for someone else.

7. Get Rid of the Chick Flick

Ladies, listen up. You might be losing your self-esteem by reading your favorite chick flick book while you snuggle down. These heroines are often critical of their bodies and lack self-confidence. Virginia Tech research shows that this makes women feel uncomfortable about their body image.

8. Perfection is personal

You will soon notice an increase in self-esteem if you can accept that there is no perfect person or thing. There is no perfect outfit or perfect haircut. Not even the perfect personality. If you feel the need to wear a leopard print shirt with purple velvet pants, then you can. It's not perfection.

9. Be the first to take care of yourself

It's not selfish to put yourself first once in a while. This is liberating and uplifting. This reminds you that you are just as important as everyone else, and it is vital that you take care of Number 1. While we don't advocate closing doors on others, choosing to take a shower and order take-out for yourself instead of cooking for your spouse or choosing your favorite feel-good gym class rather than drinking with colleagues isn't selfish. It is liberating to know what you are good at and to have the courage to put yourself first.

10. Do something out of character

You can feel a bit flat if you do the same thing day after day. If there isn't much excitement in our lives, our self-esteem can drop. We feel like we don't do exciting things or live a life that is interesting. This perception can be dispelled by doing something completely random, whether it's running on the beach to watch the sunrise or signing up for a marathon. Surprise yourself and your friends by trying something completely out of the norm.

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